#AuthorLife with C. C. Wylde

When I’m on a deadline


When my kids won’t leave me alone, but I’ve got writing to do


How I feel when I finish a book and can’t wait to share it with the world.


How I feel when I have a new book idea


Then realize I have WAY too many ideas already, and not enough time to write them






The last place I wanted to be is at my ex’s MMA club, especially since I’ve sworn off fighters.

But I never anticipated meeting the De La Cruz twins. And damn, is there anyone who could resist a chance at a night of mind-blowing sex with them? With their tattoos, muscles, and the fact that there’s two. Besides, I’m getting the hell out of Vegas as soon as I’m done with college in a few weeks, so why not indulge until then?

It felt good to forget the rules…until I woke up to find out they were my new stepbrothers.

It’s about to get complicated.






C.C. Wylde believes in wonder, imagination, and fantasies where happily ever afters are real, and finding the one is guaranteed…even if the one is really one plus one, plus two, or plus three. She’s always been impressed by the influence stories have on people as individuals and society. Sometimes in real life, rules can be strict. Thoughts and situations can limit us. But she knows that between the pages of a good book—just like in between the linens of our own private sheets—we can all have happy endings.

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