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It is not always easy to combine the day job with the dream job, in fact, sometimes it is nearly impossible. Still, there are limits you are willing to go past to achieve your dreams, right?

This is what our average day looks like:



Getting ready in the morning is like…



Seriously, there’s never enough time!



The day job. Always feels like training for some big sports game. LOL



Gotta be done, right?


  1. But Gawd, getting home, feeling like this…



That just doesn’t work. A tiny little siesta is sometimes just a must.



But you have to eat, and luckily that is a part that can be fully enjoyed…if in a bit of a rushed way.



Stir fry is your friend when time is short!



Then the real work always starts.



A love/hate relationship, but luckily heavier on the love. * wink *



During edit time, things can get a little heated!

But we always pull through in the end, so no harm done.





And then, thankfully, the day is over and it’s time for SLEEP!




So what about you? What does your average day look like?

Show us in a GIF.



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Infamous for infiltration and becoming her undercover identities, Nina Hernandez disappeared without a trace. Three years later, Naval Intelligence agent Rory O’Donnell finds her in a tortuous mental hospital. He’s unsure if it’s really Nina, or if she’s undercover and faking it. Either way, he’s pretty sure something sinister is going on…

Rory springs Nina, and together they elude their determined pursuers. He needs to get her to safety…all while keeping his hands off the beautiful, mysterious young woman. As he works to convince her to trust him and share her darkest secrets, he wonders if he can trust her not to betray his…

Between her mercurial changes, sexy come-ons, and her exasperating independence, a protection assignment has never been so hard. On a dangerous trek across the country as they tumble from one danger into the next, Rory finds that resisting Nina might just be his toughest task yet.





Dutch siblings Samaya and Taffin spent the majority of their childhood traveling, only to eventually settle in Southern Spain with their family in their late teens. In 2008 they started on the adventure of writing romance together, considering it was a genre they both enjoyed for years…and still do. As the years past and their cooperation improved, they worked out an effective way to bring a story to life to both their satisfaction. Now, based once more in their country of birth, Girl in the Mist is only the first of many more to come.

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