Entangled makes Bibliodaze’s 2014 Most Influential People in Publishing list

What an incredible honor!  Liz Pelletier, Heather Howland, and all of Entangled Publishing made the Bibliodaze 2014 Most Influential people in publishing list. For the full list, go HERE. As we always say, we wouldn’t be here without our authors, so this honor is for the entire Entangled team. 

Liz Pelletier, Heather Howland & Entangled Publishing: Indie publishers have shown themselves to be leaps and bounds above the big six/five/four (whatever it’s at right now) when it comes to evolving with the times. Entangled really stand out in this regard, championing a business model that has been widely received by both readers and writers alike. Well priced books, a wide variety of formats and genres and strong use of social media make them a force to be reckoned with. We think some of the big houses should stand up and take notice because the future’s changing and Entangled are leading the fold.


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(from the Bibliodaze website): Bibliodaze is 100% book talk with equal parts irreverence, honesty and analysis. We have fun with what we do but we also believe in the power of substantial criticism and serious discussion of the media we consume.
Sometimes we write 3000 word essays on the metaphors behind a centuries old novel you may not have heard of. Other times we make lists that are 50% pictures of pretty people with copious use of exclamation points.

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