Home for the Holidays: Decorating with Robin Covington

Baking, decorating, family…all the things that fill the holidays with joy. Join our Entangled authors as they share a little something special from their home during the holidays.

I married the Grinch.

Well . . . not the Grinch. The Main Man doesn’t steal Christmas or anything like that but he’s less than enthusiastic when I start marshalling the troops to decorate for Christmas. So, in the spirit of marital harmony we’ve worked out a compromise – I don’t decorate before Christmas and he keeps all side-eye and grumbling to himself.

So, I keep my part of the marriage bargain and the day after the turkey is inhaled, I decorate! It takes me two days to pretty up my house. I twist garland around every railing of the front and back stairs, drape more of it on all of the mantles, the tops of the large pieces of furniture and the half wall in between the kitchen and the family room. And on top of the greenery I add strands and strands of white twinkle lights.

We have four trees – adding the fifth this year – and each one holds ornaments that are near and dear and remind me of the joy of holidays and people I’ve loved. Ornaments from before I was born and my childhood mix with ones I’ve purchased for my kids and ones they’ve made. I love nothing more than to sit with the lights on when the season gets so busy and just … breathe. Soaking in the memories – the best part of Christmas.

I wish you all the very best memories of holidays past and the chance to make so many wonderful new ones!



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