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This Year’s Black by Avery Flynn

Love and murder on the catwalk

 Special $0.99 Introductory Price! 

When someone embezzles millions under Devin Harris’s watch, he isn’t going to let the private investigator working the case go it alone—even if she is the woman who blew him away in bed and then blew him off. Allegra “Ryder” Falcon is a fighter, but just when it seems like it couldn’t get any hotter between her and Devin, the case they’re working takes them to a tropical paradise where the danger increases. From the catwalk to the pineapple fields, they have to work together to track down the missing millions before the thief finds—and kills—them.


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Desire and Deception by Sahara Roberts

On the thin line between life and death lies…

 Special $0.99 Introductory Price!

Deep cover agent Kris Harmon walks a tight line between vicious drug runners with agendas of their own and working with the cartel leaders he’s trying to organize. Any distraction could prove fatal. When Tessa Marshal is mistaken for a drug mule and taken captive, time runs out for both of them, Tessa has to reach beyond her fears and trust a stranger while Kris must choose between his lifelong ambitions and saving Tessa’s life. If they want to survive, both must trust that there is more to the other than what meets the eye.


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Maltipoos Are Murder by Jacqui Lane

A special breed of love 

 Special $0.99 Introductory Price!

Moving to Virginia to help her aunt run her doggie spa is just what Cara Rogers needs. But when she finds Aunt Marian floating in the doggie swimming pool and the only witness to the death is Rex, an apricot maltipoo, she suspects foul play. Rex is communicating the only way he knows how—one paw at a time. And his clues lead to murder. Can Cara convince detective Cole Sampson that Aunt Marian’s death was no accident, and keep Rex from the killer’s clutches before they all end up as dead as dogs?


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