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Rebel by Rebecca Yarros

[box]She’s Penna Carstairs, the Renegade they call Rebel. FMX-treme Magazine’s sexiest female athlete of the year. There’s no rule in extreme sports she hasn’t broken, no gender barrier she hasn’t demolished. I met her in a bar in Vegas and we spent one insane, incredible night together. But now I’m screwed…or rather, not screwed. Because I’m Dr. Cruz Delgado, the youngest professor on campus, and Penelope just walked into my class.[/box] [learn_more caption=”Buy Now”] [/learn_more]




Hard Run by Sheryl Nantus

[box]When Skye Harris shows up on the Devil’s Playground’s doorstep asking the Brotherhood for help with a gang taking over her hometown, it’s time for Finn Storm to step up. The bikers might be tough but he’s tougher. The one weak spot in his plan is in his heart––Skye gets under his skin like no other woman has and she’s not going to let him take all the danger on his shoulders alone. [/box]


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Disavowed by Tee O’Fallon

[box]NYPD Detective Dom Carew hasn’t let a woman under his skin since his lover was killed in Afghanistan fifteen years ago. That is until one incredible, hot and steamy night with stunning and sassy Daisy Fowler. Seeing her again sets his blood on fire, but he’s about to embark on the most dangerous undercover op of his life. Love has no place in his world, but when Daisy is threatened, he’ll destroy anyone in his path to protect her..[/box]

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Compromised in Paradise by Samanthe Beck

[box]Stressed out hotel heiress Arden St. Sebastian is in Maui for one thing and one thing only. Work. Thank God for the sexy stranger who treats her to a night of fun, anonymous sex. But one night isn’t enough for ER resident Nick Bancroft—not when it comes to the mysterious beauty that is as intriguing as she is maddening. He wants more, and he’s not above playing dirty to get it….[/box] [learn_more caption=”Buy Now”] [/learn_more]



 Make Me Want by Rebecca Brooks

[box]Abbi Haas likes them big, bad, and out of her bed the next morning. So when a smoking hot firefighter shuts down a possessive ex by pretending to be her boyfriend, she’s happy to play along—and stay for the no-strings-attached sex under the stars. But her knight with bulging biceps is also her new coworker…and their little white lie has already spread.[/box]

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Renegade by Brynley Blake

[box]Eighteen-year-old NHL player Logan Balanchuk came to Corrigan Falls to distract himself from his career-ending injury. He doesn’t want to even hear the word “hockey,” so when he meets Dawn, a beautiful, free-spirited girl who goes skinny-dipping instead of watching the draft, he’s intrigued. But she’s already done her time as a hockey player’s girlfriend—now she wants to live her own life and have her own adventures…[/box]


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Rescued by the Wolf by Sasha Summers

[box]Mal wants one thing in life—vengeance against those that deserted him and those who tortured him. But rescuing a wounded girl from their captors, one that wreaks of innocence and fear, makes Mal put his plan on hold. Temporarily. He’ll do what he needs to keep her alive and safe, even if it changes both of their lives forever. [/box]


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A Lady’s Deception by Pamela Mingle

[box]Sir Hugh Grey, a knighted war hero, returns to his home, hoping to pick up where he left off two years ago with Miss Eleanor Broxton. They had shared a scintillating liaison, and that sizzling attraction remains. While Eleanor dreams of a life with Hugh, she can’t tell him her biggest secret—which could ruin his newly restored reputation. But once he finds out, it could spell the end of their rekindled love.[/box]


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Drift by Amy Murray

[box]I’m not crazy. My mother died with everyone believing she was insane, but I refuse to accept that as my fate. Even if I am recalling memories about a life that includes the mysterious James—a guy I’ve only just met, but feel as if I’ve known forever. I’m falling down a rabbit hole with consequences that far exceed anything I could have ever imagined. And now, someone is trying to kill me…[/box]


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