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Writers are a bit like hoarders. But instead of used egg cartons and old newspapers, we store up places, interesting names, and experiences. We taste. We sniff. We explore our world in the hope that the essence of the things we encounter will someday finds its way through our fingers and onto the page. Our inner collections make our characters more real and helps us build our fictional worlds.


So I’m about to embark on the Mother-of-All-Experience-Collecting expeditions. Starting next January, my DH and I are going to cruise around the world! (I know. It’s crazy exciting and I’m still in the “somebody pinch me” phase!) If you’d like to hop in my pocket and travel along with me, please join me at In the months before we board, I’ll be sharing what we’re doing in preparation for leaving our “land life” behind for 94 days. Once on the ship, I’m your passport to 25 new countries and 37 ports of call. Hope to see you at RoundTheWorldWriter!


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When only seduction will do…

Wherever Cassandra Darkin goes, fire is sure to follow. It’s not until she’s swept into the arms of a handsome, infuriating stranger that she learns she’s responsible for the fires. As it turns out, Cassandra is a fire mage…and with her gift comes a blazing desire for sins of the flesh.

With his pretenatural ability to influence the thoughts of others, Garrett Sterling is sent to gather Cassandra for the Order of the M.U.SE. He’s entirely unprepared for his immediate attraction to the comely little firestarter. But it’s an attraction that he must quell, even as his body craves her touch and her fiery, sensual hunger.

For Garrett’s gift has a dark side…and the moment he begins to care too much for Cassandra, he knows he will doom her to an inescapable fate.





Mia learned much of what she knows about storytelling from singing. A classically trained soprano, she won the District Metropolitan Opera Auditions and has shared a stage with Placido Domingo. As she prepared for operatic roles, she devised back stories for her characters. Since she’s worn a real corset, and had to sing high C’s in one, she empathizes with the trials of her fictional heroines. But in Mia’s stories, they don’t die in a Parisian garret. They get to live and keep the hero!

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  • How exciting and wonderful. I would love to do something like that. I love to travel and my husband follows along and supports that desire. I had never considered a round the world cruise, but it is certainly one way to see the world in comfort. I will have to check into these cruises. Not sure I am ready for the sticker shock. Will be following your journey. Not sure how one would line up all the visas, etc necessary to embark on such an adventure.

    I have not followed your Order Of The Muse series. It sounds interesting. I will have to catch up with it.

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