#TwitterLove Special Edition: Finding Romance #EPDare Style!

Welcome to a special edition of #TwitterLove.


Each week, we like to shake up your work day with a little dare. Giving a high five, sending a thank you to someone, paying it forward… Little things to help brighten up your week.


This week’s #EPDare was simple: Smile at the next stranger you see.


And this is what happened:


First, the dare.


The dare is accepted and completed.


The dare gets results.


BIG results!


Looking out for Riki, we offer to join her on said date. 


SCORE! We’ve always wanted to be a wing woman!


The support from Twitter was spot on.


Don’t forget about us Riki!


Join us each week on Twitter for all sorts of fun and be sure to check out some of our #EPDares! Maybe you’ll find your next meet-cute with a little help from us!

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