Ask the Authors: How are your main characters celebrating Christmas?

Do you ever wonder what your favorite book friends would be doing for the holidays? Our curious minds certainly do! Therefore, we asked our authors how the main characters from their most recent release would be celebrating Christmas, and their answers are amazing! We hope you love them as much as we do, and don’t forget to pick up your copies of these great reads this holiday season!

Drakon’s Promise by N.J. Walters

Darius is a four-thousand-year-old drakon (the son of a full-blooded dragon and a human female), and he’s never bothered much with Christmas, but Sarah grew up celebrating the holiday. Now that she and Darius are together, she wants to share the festive season with him and she wants it all—family, music, food, tree, lights, and seasonal movies. But most of all, she wants to spend the day with the man she loves. She doesn’t need presents. Her man does tend to go overboard and spoil her. She wants him to relax and enjoy the holidays, at least as much as he can with a powerful group of men and women searching for him so they can capture and exploit him, but that’s another story.



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Forever Charmed by Dawn Chartier

I know what Rose Morgeaux (Forever Charmed) would be doing for Christmas. She would go to the animal shelter for their annual Christmas adoption event, and help the animals find a home for Christmas. Callahan not having a choice would be right beside her, and loving every second of it. Volunteer everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.



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The Hunt by Harper A. Brooks

Kael would make an announcement to all of Sajra about the meaning of the holiday and the importance peace amongst the species. Cara would share her family’s traditions with Kael, and with her sister and grandmother, they would celebrate together, as one family.



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Flying Through Fire by Nina Croft

Thorne and Candy, the hero and heroine of Flying Through Fire, are just about to spend their first Christmas together as a couple. Normally, the holiday season would pass them by without any thought of celebration (certainly not from Candy who has very good reason to hate the Church.) Thorne is a ten-thousand-year-old dragon/human hybrid, who looks a lot like a demon of old, and who lost his belief in God centuries ago. Candy is somewhat younger and a werewolf whose parents were held prisoner by the Church for much of her life. But Candy is also the newly appointed Empress of the Known Universe, and she believes it’s time to put the old hatreds aside and bring old enemies together in peace—what better time than Christmas. So, she’s offering a pardon to all the members of the Church who are still alive and in hiding, she’s going to put up a Christmas tree, grit her teeth, swallow her growls, sing a few carols, and offer them a plot of land within the capital to build a new church. It’s going to hurt (forgiveness is not one of her strong points) but this is the season of good will.



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The San Francisco Wolf Pack by Kristin Miller

This answer is tricky. If it’s not a full moon, the werewolves in the San Francisco Wolf Pack would be partying on Christmas! The Alpha, Hayden Dean from THE WEREWOLF WEARS PRADA, would host a large formal event in the heart of the city. Every wolf in the pack would be invited. They’d dance and drink the night away. When the party died down, each hero would go home with his mate where he’d purposefully position her under the mistletoe. From there, it’d be up to the couple whether they’d be naughty or very, very nice. However, if it’s a full moon, the party would be..well, a little furrier. *wink*



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Now it’s your turn! Share your holiday plans with us in the comments!

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