Meet the Authors: Summer Road Trip Destinations

Road trips are like the “thing” to do during summer, right? So we asked our authors what city they would want to visit when taking a summer road trip, and the cities they chose are from all over the US! Check out the must-see (and gorgeous) cities below.

A. S. Green

Boston and Cape Cod. I’m a big history fan (love historical romance though I don’t write it myself), and I’m a “Daughter of the American Revolution.” My parents are even both descended from the same person on the Mayflower, so anything 1620-1776 is fascinating to me.


Boone Brux

Las Vegas!


Robin Bielman

One of my favorite road trips was with my hubby up the west coast from Oregon to Vancouver. It was an awesome trip and I have lots of great memories, so I’d love to do it again. Only this time, I’d most definitely want to spend more days in Seattle. I’ve only been the one time and I’d really like to return to Pike Place Market and The Space Needle, the two things I remember most. I’d also love to see Mt. Rainier up close, go to a Mariners game, spend time along the waterfront, and ride the Seattle Great Wheel. (I’d actually go just for a ride on the Ferris wheel—I love stuff like that!)


Katana Collins

San Francisco. I’ve never been and I’ve heard wonderful, amazing things. Plus, if it’s a literal cross country road trip, think of all the great places I could stop in between!


Jolyse Barnett

I’ve been hooked on Key West since 2004. To me, the southernmost point of the continental US is the perfect place for a romantic escape—with five-star restaurants on every corner, sun-soaked beaches, and Wind & Wine charter sailings. Each time we venture there, we learn more about the Floridian city’s history and legends, including fascinating trivia about such famous residents as Harry Truman and Ernest Hemingway. Key West is also a wonderful place where my husband and I get to explore the outdoors. We swim, snorkel, and kayak the backcountry. I especially appreciate the island’s laid-back pace. As soon as we arrive at our B&B–our home-away-from-home–the car gets parked and we walk or bicycle everywhere. In fact, now that I think of it, I’m ready to gas up the car and go. Anyone else with me?


We’re totally adding these cities to our list our future places to travel! How about you? What city would be your summer road trip destination?

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