Love is Closer than You Think by Barbara DeLeo

Everything’s just a whole lot easier when it’s closer to home, right? Catching a movie at your local theatre instead of battling traffic and getting lost trying to get to that fancy-schmanzy place across town. Sheesh, sometimes it’s a matter of necessity – like making your own cocktail out of Mountain Dew and budget liquor and pretending your moth-eaten couch is a hammock on a tropical island when you see the price of those holiday airfares…

Me pretending I’m on a tropical holiday…

But what about love? How does it work when it’s someone you already know that you have the hots for? Your brother’s best friend for example…..? Here are my top 5 tips on why you might like to consider him.

5. He’s hot. You’ve seen him enough over the years to have that fact confirmed once and for all. It’s not like those guys you get a fleeting glimpse of and then in the cold light of day realize that it’s all the fault of your beer goggles and particularly flattering bar lighting.

4. He truly is a nice guy. You’ve had enough influence in your brother’s world to know that he’s only going to choose great friends in his life, so all of that detective work you’d normally do to see if a guy is a serial killer or someone who hates Downton Abbey has been done for you!

3. You have plenty of opportunities to accidentally bump into him. Ok, we’re not talking pinning yourself across the front door so he can’t get through ‘til he notices you. But you can arrange yourself on the couch with aforementioned cocktail, looking nonchalant in your best onesie and a welcoming smile.

2. Brothers always owe their sisters favors. Think about that time you covered for him when he skipped school to go see Coldplay. Or the time he ate the last of your mom’s pecan pie that was meant for the minister. You’ve clocked up enough brownie points for your brother to put in a good word for you with his best friend.

1. At the end of the day your brother’s best friend knows you and your crazy family way better than most people will and he still likes you all. All the embarrassing things your grandma tells strangers about you. The hand knitted sweaters your mom makes you all wear at Thanksgiving. He’s seen it all and still comes back for more. You know that sort of guy’s a keeper.

So, there you go! All that time, effort and energy saved, makes your brother’s best friend the perfect love choice!

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