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Entangled Mafia |ˈmäfēə| noun (the Entangled Mafia) [ treated as sing. or pl. ]
an organized international body of readers and book lovers, having a complex and 
single-minded code to support Entangled books.
 • (usu. mafia) an exclusive group of people supporting Entangled books and 
having a controlling influence: the Entangled Mafia is an advisory group, 
helping guide and shape the future of Entangled Publishing.

Are you a romance reader? A fan of Entangled books?
Want to be part of something special and unique?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then the Entangled Mafia may be for you.

As a Mafia member, you’ll get early galleys of Entangled’s hottest books and become an instrumental part of our team, helping us evaluate covers and titles and even help our authors name their characters or pick your favorite ending! If all of this sounds like a dream to you (and really, why wouldn’t it?), we invite you to apply to volunteer and be part of the Entangled Mafia! There are only 50 spots, and we’ll be evaluating the applications throughout the month of January.


Members of the Entangled Mafia benefits include:

  • special access to early review copies of our books, across all imprints,
  • a special, closed Yahoo group just for Mafia members,
  • opportunities to win exclusive gifts,
  • special interactions with Entangled authors,
  • special sessions to vote on new covers and titles, pick endings, and name characters,
  • first-looks at our hottest books and covers months before anyone else,
  • and much, much more.

Fill out our Entangled Mafia application form if you’re interested!


Please Note: If you chose to post a review from an early ARC online at consumer websites, you must disclose in the review that you received your copy for free and send us a link to the review.


Application period: January 1-15.

Fifty Entangled Mafia members will be selected on January 20th.


Terms and Conditions:

• You must be 18 or older to apply.
• Open to readers internationally.


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