Men of the Zodiac Author Takeover with Roxanne Snopek

Join us in welcoming Men of the Zodiac and The Millionaire Daddy Project author Roxanne Snopek with a special guest post!

My Inner Lion – (Men of the Zodiac)

You know those people who enter a room and instantly own it? I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be that kind of person. I imagine myself marching into a cocktail party, pivoting on my Jimmy Choos to strike a pose, then raising my arms in the air and announcing, “I am here! Let the wild rumpus begin!”

Alas, cocktail parties terrify me a little. I mean, come on. I wear yoga pants and Birkenstocks. At social gatherings, I can usually be found at the periphery, smiling too widely, blinking too fast, wondering how long I need to stay before I can leave without being rude. I’m so certain I have nothing interesting to say I’m likely to blurt out incoherent non-sequiturs or somehow violate personal boundaries in such a way as to make people back away and feel for their cell phones, expecting a YouTube moment.

“You have great teeth!”

“My deodorant stopped working two hours ago. You can’t tell, can you?”

“What a pretty dress! Are you wearing Spanx?”

The dramatic Leo lurking in my secret heart is firmly encased inside the neurotic and terminally awkward shell of a Scorpio.

In fact, when I see a Leo working the room, basking in the spotlight, pulling all eyes to his sparkling presence, my scorpion itches to crawl up his mangy mane and sting the crap out of the self-aggrandizing flea-bucket.

Yet we love them. Because that’s who Leos are.

Every sign has good sides and bad sides. My Leo hero in THE MILLIONAIRE DADDY PROJECT was such a joy to write because, for a short time, I got to see the world through his fiery eyes. And you know, it’s not easy being a Leo. Yes, he’s bold and dramatic and fascinating, but he also makes you want to kick him into next week sometimes because he’s just so totally thick-skulled and oblivious. Fortunately, my heroine – a tough but tender Cancer – knows exactly how to handle him. And handle him, she does. 

Enjoy your time with my lion! Don’t worry about his roar; there’s a huge heart beating under all that gorgeous fur. And it’s as tender as a kitten.


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