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Hey gang! I’m so happy to be back on the Entangled in Romance blog! Keeping with the holiday theme, I was all set to talk about the twenty-inch-tall, creepy-ass Santa figure my mother used to display every December. It was about a million years old, and so beat up by six kids (I’m number five) that poor Santa’s head bent all the way back and hung by a thread, like he’d been nearly beheaded. There’s a holly jolly image for ya.

But…last night I changed my mind. You’re welcome.

Earlier yesterday, my date told me he was bringing over a special treat for while we watched The Birds—different holiday tradition! What did he bring me that was so awesome it trumps creey-ass, beheaded Santa?

Chocolate chip pumpkin bread.

Yeah, okay, I’ve seen it in bakeries and on dozens of Pinterest boards, but I’d never actually tasted it. Those of you who know me, know that my newest Bliss series—Sugar City—is set in Hershey, Pennsylvania. So yeah, I lurve the chocolate. But in pumpkin bread—which is basically really dense cake—is the most amazzzzing thing in the world.

Because I don’t bake, I get particularly excited about dessert. 🙂

I’m not ashamed to admit that, while date made Mexican hot cocoa on the stove (which is also to die for), I stood over the sink and ate a fourth of the load with my bare hands. Hey, I’m a growing girl! By the end, I was pretty full and needed to get back to appearing dainty and feminine—while probably covered in crumbs. I’m nothing if not classy.

But then the movie got scary, and I needed comfort, so date hand fed me more bread while we made out on the couch as Hitchcock played on TV. So yeah, best date ever. And I’m pretty sure we created a brand new holiday tradition.

Do you have a holiday dessert that trumps them all? Tell us about it! And bonus points for you if it contains chocolate. Hee-hee. 


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