#EPMovieNight: Hitch



We are so excited for the HUGE Bliss Sales Event, that we decided to hold another #EPMovieNight Twitter Party this Tuesday (11/3) at 8PM EST to celebrate!!

**Update: Netflix removed The Wedding Singer from streaming. 🙁 Boo on them. So we’ll be watching Hitch instead.



We will have lots of great prizes as we live tweet about the movie Hitch. Be sure to stop by and use the hashtag #EPMovieNight!!

Date : Tuesday November 3rd

Time : 8pm EST.

Hashtag : #EPMovieNight

What : We’ll be watching the romantic comedyHitch, talking about sweet and funny romance, and asking fun questions. Answer for a chance to win some of the many fabulous prizes! Just make sure to include the hashtag #EPMovieNight in your responses.

*Hitch is available to stream via Netflix!

Where : Follow the instructions below!

Add the hash tag as a new column on Tweetdeck



This lets you pause the feed, set it slower or faster, and if you “authorize the app” with your twitter address let’s you post replies in real time.

Your hosts tonight are @EntangledPub, @debworldofbooks and @MeredithRaeJ so make sure to pay close attention to whatever those handles post.

Thanks and hope to see you there!

Don’t forget to mention the #EPMovieNight hashtag in your replies!


Hope to see you there!

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