Fall 2016 Wish List

Entangled is always looking for a few good manuscripts! Could you have what we’re looking for? Read on for the specific things our editors are dreaming of reading…


  • Intricate, well-thought-out mystery/thrillers with surprising endings.
  • Literary contemporary romance
  • LGBTQ fiction in any genre—doesn’t have to be about being LGBTQ but featuring those characters
  • A new take on books about disease. Something heartfelt, yet hopeful. For fans of Everything, Everything.



  • American Pie-esque virgin trope where the hero enlists the help of the heroine to find him someone to lose his virginity to before he goes to college.
  • Sporty heroines! Looking for any storyline that features girl athletes.
  • More stories actually set in the halls of a high school and show the real day-to-day lives of teens.


  • We would love to see teen twists on fairytales. Can you imagine a sweetly sexy retelling of Beauty and the Beast or Goldilocks and the Three Bears? We can!
  • Historical romance mashed up with another genre, such as historical science-fiction (a la The Man in the High Castle) or historical urban fantasy.
  • Computer hacking series set in our modern world but with a fantastical bend. Like, what would happen if we hacked into the government’s mainframe and discovered something ominous?
  • A series involving genetic mutations or gene splicing.


We’re looking for just out of college/first job/internship stories. Dirty, sexy stories are a plus, and if they feature a military alpha hero, even better. Think along the lines of Rebecca Yarros’ Flight & Glory, but even sexier.

Brazen like its heroes hot and the sex hotter. Top that off with a swoonworthy romance that swoops in and delivers a happily ever after and we’re sold! With that in mind, we’d like to see:

  • Tattooed bad boys and antiheroes. Give us a guy who’s over his head and out of his mind for his woman (or man), and isn’t afraid to go after what he wants. Bonus points if you balance that angst with humor!
  • Sexy cowboys. Dusty, sweaty, too-hot-to-handle cowboys. We’re not looking for a bull rider series, but if one of your cowboys likes to rodeo every now and then, bring it!
  • Dirty-talking men in uniform. Cops, firefighters, military… If they’re alpha men who can talk the panties right off a woman, we want ’em.
  • Unexpected stories and/or pairings. We love surprises!

Bring on the romantic comedies! Lovestruck’s focus is on memorable, often hilarious “meet-cutes” between everyday strangers, a strong romantic connection, sizzling sexual tension, and satisfying endings that leave readers smitten. With that in mind, we’d like to see:

  • Fish out of water romance. Pair two strangers together in a situation at least one isn’t comfortable with and let the hilarity begin.
  • Single fathers, cowboys, cops/firefighters (oh, the meet-cute possibilities!) are of particular interest at the moment, but we’ll read about any unsuspecting guy about to run into his future wife. The meet-cute is everything.
  • A winter holiday-set strangers-to-lovers story. Fun, heat, and family are a must. No snowed-in cabin stories, please.
  • Unexpected stories and/or pairings. We love surprises!



  • Books with series potential featuring men in uniform (firefighters, police, military, etc). E.g.. Brothers all in various branches of the military who come home and fall in love.
  • Babies! Single dads, baby on the doorstep. E.g. Two people become primary caregivers to a baby who isn’t theirs. Or a bachelor suddenly finds himself a dad and falling for the girl next door.
  • Holiday romances. Snowball fights, snowed in, decorating the tree, family dinner—lots of potential with this setting. E.g. Heroine is stranded at the airport due to weather and plays fake girlfriend for the hero going home for the holidays.
  • Weddings! Bridesmaids, wedding planners, marriages of convenience, etc. Anything where a story revolves around a wedding. E.g. The maid of honor falls for the bad boy best man at their best friends’ wedding.


  • Sexy billionaires and the women who can go toe-to-toe with them. We’d love to see revenge/blackmail, enemies to lovers, falling for the nanny, baby on the doorstep or boss/employee tropes. We want witty repartee/snappy dialogue.

Select Contemporary: 

  • Are you the next Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jennifer Cruise or Susan Mallery? We want fun single-title romances in all heat levels. We’d love to see small towns, alpha military heroes, and anything with sexy, smart men, and strong women.

Select Historical: 

  • We’d love to see single-title historicals that read a bit more contemporary–like a Tessa Dare, Lorraine Heath or Shana Galen–that have a faster pace, witty repartee, alpha males, and strong heroines. The historical details need to be solid. We’re particularly interested in the following time periods: Georgian, Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian. And we’re always looking for hot Scottish Highlanders!


  • Books set in the Highlands or featuring a Scottish hero/heroine. E.g. A laird in search of a wife. Or a Duke who falls for the wild Scottish woman he meets by accident.
  • Heroes who are rakes/scoundrels. The original bad boys! E.g. An accidentally compromised heroine. Or a hero who needs to become respectable.
  • Books with series potential featuring groups of friends. E.g. Spinsters, wallflowers, gamblers, etc. Maybe a group of scandalous women decide to find lovers and instead find love. The owners of a gambling club fall in love.


  • Books with military/special forces/security heroes. E.g. A playboy hero who falls for his teammate’s sister while protecting her.
  • Foreign settings.
  • Undercover situations. E.g. An FBI hero who falls for his mark while undercover.
  • A hero or heroine who falls for his/her partner. LGBT a plus! E.g. A CIA or FBI hero must work with a bad boy partner to stop a terrorist plot.

Select Otherworld:

  • We’re looking for strong romantic hooks with sci-fi settings. Military heroes, scientists, and aliens (who are human-like) are welcome. We would also like to see big paranormal romances with great world building.


  • We’re looking for contemporary romances with a paranormal or sci-fi twist, featuring alpha males and strong heroines, and set in the real world. Stories can be up to 75 k. Think Brazen or Indulgence, but the hero is a werewolf/vamp/alien/changling.

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