Fifty Shades of Twitter

Fifty Shades Darker is here and Twitter is hopping. Check out some of the sexiest, funniest, and just plain wrong tweets so far:


Just one second now, we aren’t middle aged…although we may be a bit frustrated.



Really? That’s the ONLY thing that sticks with you? Not sure how we feel about this.



Agreed! There should be like a Fifty Shades work holiday. Why isn’t this a thing?



Now we’re talking. Two times in one week? Christian must be bringing his “A” game.



It’s getting hot in here…



This might explain the look a certain publicist’s face today…



Is there a unicorn too?



Wait…there’s sex in this movie?








When you hit rock bottom because you don’t have a ticket and no one will share…???




Our new hero! (Because you know it’s what we all want to do, but are too afraid to admit it.)




Can we do both?




To sum it all up…

Are you going to see Fifty Shades Darker this weekend? Tag us on Twitter with your thoughts on the movie or your pictures of a night out!

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