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June Entangled Wedding

I’ve always been a bit superstitious, touching wood for luck and not walking under ladders (then again why would anyone walk under a ladder when a pot of paint might fall on their head?) and I’m a great one for seeing Signs in everything.

Which is why it’s a minor miracle I ever made it down the aisle, all things considered 🙂

My favorite number is 18 and my month of choice is June. As fate would have it, the 18th June fell on a Saturday the year my boyfriend and I decided to marry. This was obviously a Sign that we were meant to be! We booked the church, the car, the flowers and the caterer, and then I discovered I’d been so wrapped up in helping to organize my best friend’s wedding that I’d accidentally booked her date for the church, but *our* date for everything else.

What the hell! How did I manage to do that? It’s definitely not a Sign to call the whole thing off…

And so I moved onto the next thing on my list (I also love making lists…) Since I have a terrible sense of direction, when my bridesmaids and I went to look at dresses there was this unspoken rule that I wasn’t allowed to wander off on my own. All went well until we hit the London Underground. I got on a tube and before I knew it the doors shut behind me leaving everyone else standing on the platform looking kind of shell shocked. I have a memory of one of them running along the platform waving her arms. No way is this a Sign that I’m on the wrong track. I pressed my nose against the window and might’ve whimpered a bit.

My seventeen year old brother gave me away on the big day (although to be fair he’d been trying to give me away for a long time before that. He even said that in his speech…). The day was lovely and sunny and as we drove to the church the chauffeur said, “Well love I can turn left for the church or we can drive straight on and go to Brighton.”

Do chauffeurs always give that kind of choice to the bride or was it just me? I didn’t care, it wasn’t a Sign to turn the car around!

And so I made it to the church and it didn’t matter that half of my fiancé’s relatives refused to come to the wedding as they weren’t talking to the other half of the family, or that the catering was crap or the decorations were non-existent.

Because I was with the guy I’d fallen in love with at the age of fifteen when I first saw his gorgeous blue eyes from across a crowded room. I totally believe in love at first sight J

I still love seeing Signs in everything, even if I don’t take them too seriously when they don’t happen to agree with what I want. Which is just as well, as in spite of everything my husband and I are still together… after three children, two countries, many cats and bumps in the road.

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