My Secret Boss Fantasy

AMN_500When I was a teenager I read a lot of Harlequin romances involving boss/secretaries. It was the eighties and they were big! I devoured them and even though I didn’t really understand the strange stirrings in my body, I knew that hot lusting in the office was phwoar!
And of course, I always found myself projecting *me* into the story so much so that I even contemplated becoming a secretary for a while. But then I realised I sucked at typing and shorthand held no interest and a boss was more likely to sack me then take me to the sack so that little fantasy dried up and I moved on.
I became a nurse. Not a lot of room for crushes and lusting after bosses there given that they were all (almost all) women. Now, if I’d batted for the other team, I would have been in heaven!
There were, however, plenty of swoony doctors. Not that they were my boss. Despite what one sees on medical shows on the tele, nursing and medical staff are two separate entities and one does not interfere in the hiring, firing or bossing of the other (although some doctors never quite get that memo!).
Nor is there a lot of making out in on call rooms either, despite what Grey’s Anatomy would have us all believe. Well, not that I knew of anyway. It could have been rampant I guess. I was a bit of a goody two shoes back in the day and probably would have run screaming in the other direction if it had even been suggested to me.
Sigh…..such a waste. Such potential for a misspent youth that I never grabbed…
Cos there was this one doctor. Oh man, if I had my time over again I’d be dragging that guy into the nearest supply room for the type of anatomy lesson they don’t give you in university! Mind you I’m such a klutz we probably would have knocked over the most expensive bit of medical machinery in the process which would have brought everyone running and left our bare-assed selves fully exposed!
A total disaster for sure.
Better to stick to living vicariously. Which is why I’m a writer – I get to torture my characters with such things all the time  In Ask Me Nicely, we have a bit of a role reversal. It’s Sal who’s the boss and Doyle who is the employee. She’s also his landlord just to tighten the off-limits screws a little bit more! And Doyle is suffering from a major secret boss crush to end all secret boss crushes until one tequila-infused night fantasy becomes reality and changes everything.
Except for the fact that she’s still his boss!
But Doyle’s had a taste and his boss fantasy isn’t such a secret any longer so he’s not stepping back no matter how much Sal wants him to.
Denial, recriminations and sexy times ensue….


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