Mack vs Josh – Round 1 Match 4 March Madness

Winner: Josh

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Mack vs Josh
Round 1 Match 4


Thank you to The Ever Romantic Arts & What I’m Reading for championing these two fine men!
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Why you should vote for Mack

NMMrNG_500Mack Kennedy is a veterinarian, so of course he loves animals. He is also a goody-two-shoes. So when he finds out Josie’s sexy-to-do-list, Mr. Goody-Goody turns into a bad boy! And boy! Mack is an amazing bad boy. Starting with the public sex right in a dark alley behind a club. But let’s not forget, no matter how much of a big bad wolf Mack is in the bedroom, he is essentially a good guy. And he loves Josie more than anything. Mack is a caring and affectionate guy who understands and take care of Josie’s wishes in and out of the bedroom. When he realizes that Josie wants to travel and see more of the world, he is willing to drop everything and go with her. And boy that man can kiss. If you ask Josie, she’ll tell you:

“It had been a long time since she’d been kissed so thoroughly. So masterfully. So…absolutely. His kisses had blown her mind.”
I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck. And I want to do it all over again.”

Mack will be sure to take you on a wild ride. So ladies, please go vote for my no more Mr. Nice Guy, Mack Kennedy.


Championed by The Ever Romantic Arts


Find out more about Mack Kennedy in No More Mr. Nice Guy by Amy Andrews


Why you should vote for Josh

LhF_500Let me introduce you all to the delectable Josh Bradley. Now don’t let this boy fool you, he’s very bad with a wick tongue. Who might have your panties melt off (or at least I hope) by the end of this round. Josh is currently the Fire Chief in Bluelick, Kentucky. Now the women folk of Bluelick have contemplated on

“torching their own kitchens, and feigning loss consciousness to get a ride on his broad shoulders”.

Here are the facts you need to know about my man Josh:

“Keep smiling at me like that, though, and I’m liable to commit at least three sins with your mouth alone. You’ll have to make a special trip to church once I’m done with you.”

He knows how to use a hose.
Killer body (cause the good ladies of Bluelick would try to get a ride on his shoulders).
Sandy blond hair with eyes that are wild Kentucky Bluegrass.
Knows how to use his tongue as a weapon.

Those are just my reasons for loving Josh. I hope you do to. Just focus on the fact he’s a dirty mouth Fire Chief who can whip out his hose and cool you down. If you faint, he can carry you on his broad sexy shoulders. Don’t forget to vote for Josh! We want him to the March Madness Champion.


Championed by What I’m Reading


Find out more about Josh Bradley in Light Her Fire by Samanthe Beck

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