Nichole Severn: Worst Pick-Up Line Ever

Back in the day, I made a living off selling tiny rocks for thousands of dollars for a well-known jewelry store. I loved my job. Well, except the marriage proposals, constant flirting from men who were supposed to be buying something for their girlfriends, and the overall annoying teenage boys with nothing else to do but hang out at the mall.
There’ve been a few times I’ve been genuinely asked out though. One guy bought a $500.00 watch for his father then asked me out as I handed him the bag. I was flattered, but the next time someone asked me to go out with him, I shook from head to toe.
He was early to late fifties, tall, and trucker-like. You know the kind: dirty jacket, worn jeans and fingernails, wearing a trucker hat. We’d been having a nice conversation until…
“I wish we were in a zoo,” he said.
Took me a second to realize what he’d said, but I asked, “Why?”
“‘Cause then I could stare at you all day.”
I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the first time he’d used that line, but it’s absolutely the creepiest, worst pick-up line I’d ever heard.



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