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Under Mistletoe
Playing with the Drummer Under the Mistletoe…

Hi! I’m Robin Covington and I write sexy contemporary and paranormal romance that explores the theme of fooling around and falling in love.

I love Haribo gummy bears and caramel. I adore Pembroke Welsh Corgis and I wear red everyday. I am a comic book geek who was thrilled when Superman and Wonder Woman finally got together. My favorite things are my kid’s laughter and my husband’s blue eyes. I firmly, unequivocally, and without any doubt believe that everyone deserves love and I make sure that they get it in my books.

Favorite Holiday Song: I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Favorite Holiday Food: homemade peppermint divinity candy (my Granny’s recipe)

What’s your favorite thing about the winter holiday season?

I love the music! I’m a singer and I love it when I get to add the carols and Christmas songs to our set lists. Old ,new, traditional, modern – I love them all. I have a Christmas playlist on my iPod with over 900 songs on it and I add to it each year.

I also love Christmas trees – we have four in our house- and I can sit and stare at them for hours.

What’s your least favorite thing about the winter holiday season?

The cold. I hate being cold – inside or outside – I am not a fan of the frigid. I don’t ski or ice skate but I am a gold medal level “sit by the fire and watch a movie” person.

About Playing with the Drummer

Hero’s Name: Rocky Cardano

Heroine’s Name: Lita Matthews

What would the perfect gift your hero would give your heroine and why?

Rocky would buy the beachfront villa they stayed in when they first met. It would be their own private getaway to just be themselves.

What would the perfect gift your heroine would give your hero and why?

She would give him a custom party pontoon boat to use on the lake in Montana.

Where would your hero or heroine secretly hang some mistletoe to catch an extra special holiday kiss and why?

Rocky would carry it with him everywhere and catch Lita for a kiss anytime he felt like it. He’s spontaneous and can’t keep his hands off her . . . so he’d make sure he was like a Boy Scout and “always prepared”.

Share an excerpt of your favorite kissing scene between these two characters.

“I’m really sorry about Mexico…after Mexico,” Lita whispered as she looked up at him again, her breath warm against his mouth. He licked his lips, disappointed that he couldn’t taste her there.
“Let’s not talk about it anymore.”
“Do you believe me?”
Rocky sighed slightly, cataloging the hope in her eyes that maybe they could put this behind them. He reached out a hand, allowing his fingers to trace the arc of her cheek, the side of her neck, dipping into the hollow of her throat and coming to rest on the curve of her breast.
The tension was strung taut between them but through it all he realized that he owed her an answer before this went any further.
“I’m just tired of fighting about it.”
She closed her eyes briefly and he wasn’t sure if it was because of his words or the effect of his gentle stroke against her flesh.
“That’s not a great answer,” Lita said, opening her eyes again.
She studied his face, her eyes processing each assessment she made, every calculation of pros, cons, and the absolutely insane. Rocky expected her to pull away, to end this detour and frolic into madness. He needed her to do what he could not do. He wanted her under him, around him. Wanted her in every way he’d had her those three days in Mexico, wanted to refresh those living memories with warm flesh, wet kisses, and pleasure. But he wouldn’t lie to get it.
“It’s the best I can do,” he whispered.
“I know for a fact that isn’t true.”
“You’re right,” he said as he slid his other arm between them and around her waist. He tugged her upward and the movement put her eye-to-eye, mouth-to-mouth with him. This was without a doubt the dumbest thing he’d ever done, drunk or sober, but it felt incredible. He’d dreamed about this, woken achy and hard from his subconscious fantasies that involved Lita, a hammock on the beach, and not a stitch of clothing in sight. “You are so goddam beautiful.”
She inhaled quickly, her breath catching before stuttering out. “You’re drunk.”
“Yep. Enough to tell you what I want.”
“And what do you want?” Her eyes told him that she knew what his answer would be. Her expression dared him to say it out loud.
He ran a thumb over her lips, dipping in when she opened, a shiver racking him when her tongue swirled around the digit. “I want you.”
Lita shifted, swinging a leg over him until she straddled his waist. On instinct he moved his hands, cupping her ass and touching the sweet heaven of bare skin where her tiny skirt had shifted up. She leaned over him, mouth within kissing distance, one hand wrapped around his neck and the other around a long hank of his hair.
“You don’t even like me.”
“I’m good at pretending.”
She smiled, her eyes dark, smoky and tinged with mischief and softened by the tequila buzz. “For how long?”
Rocky leaned closer, a gentle brush against her lips catching her laughter and then stopping it altogether with a deep, hot kiss. He sank into her mouth, using his tongue and his lips to coax her first moan of pleasure. He pulled back, making sure she saw how very serious he was.
“For as long as it takes to make you come.”




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