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Under Mistletoe
Hello everyone and Happy Holidays. My name is Linda Bond. Actually that’s my pen name. My real name is Linda Hurtado, and I am an Emmy award winning journalist by day and an author of romantic adventures by night. I’m also the mother of five, four athletes and an adopted son from Cuba. I have a passion for world travel, classic movies, and alpha males. I currently live in Florida, where the sun always shines and the day begins with endless possibilities.

Favorite Holiday Song: I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas ( Because I live in Florida LOL )

Favorite Holiday Food: Honey Baked Ham

What’s your favorite thing about the winter holiday season?

I love our annual Noche Buena celebration on Christmas Eve. My husband is Cuban, and his mother cooks a bountiful Christmas Eve feast of pork, rice and beans, fried plantains. I’m also hispanic, but as a joke one year (because I’m not a good cook ) I started bringing a very American green bean casserole to our Cuban feast. It caught on and now it’s part of our tradition. My husband has four brothers, and they all bring their families over to Abuela and Abuelo’s house. Their home is full of love and laughter, exactly what I think Christmas Eve should be.

What’s your least favorite thing about the winter holiday season?

Working the holidays. 🙁 Because I am a news anchor, and the news doesn’t stop for family feasts, I often have to work one of the holidays.

About Alive at 5

Hero’s Name: Zack Hunter

Heroine’s Name: Samantha Steele

What would the perfect gift your hero would give your heroine and why?

He’s a rich man but not into material things at all. He’s into thrilling experiences. Samantha Steele is not. She’s an uptight, control freak who secretly longs to let go and live more like Zack. I think Zack would buy Sam a crazy gift that would scare the heck out of her while also exhilarating her. Maybe a tandem sky dive or a hang gliding flight, something totally unexpected and intoxicating to the senses.

What would the perfect gift your heroine would give your hero and why?

Zack Hunter is a wounded man who was abused as a child. Once Samantha realizes that, she would likely give him something simple and heart felt that would show Zack he belonged with her and he was appreciated. Maybe a watch with a sentimental saying engraved on the back. Zack is a man who has everything expect the one thing he needs the most, love. So that would be Samantha’s greatest gift to him.

Where would your hero or heroine secretly hang some mistletoe to catch an extra special holiday kiss and why?

Since Zack is a thrill seeker trying to coax Samantha out of her shell, he’d likely pick a very public place and would force Samantha out of her comfort zone once again. And Sam would, after the initial embarrassment, love it!

Share an excerpt of your favorite kissing scene between these two characters.

“Dance with me.”

His hands were around her waist already. “What does dancing have to do with trust?”

A Rascal Flats country ballad was playing in the background. The twangy song had a slow, steady beat. She swayed back on her heels, a bit dizzy.

One of his hands moved around her back, and he gently pulled her against his body.

Her arms instinctively looped around his neck, and her cheek found his. The roughness of his five o’clock shadow scraped her cheek. She licked her lips, pressing into him just a little more. This exercise in trust was getting way out of control, but she couldn’t bring herself to pull away. She couldn’t remember the last time a man had held her this way. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d wanted a man to do more. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d let herself go like this.

“Now tell me what you hear.” His voice had a rougher edge to it.

The out of control beating of my heart. “Rascal Flats, and your voice.”

He continued whispering in her ear. “Tell me what you smell.”

The alcohol on your breath, and the musky smell of your skin. “Stale beer on the floor.”

“And what do you feel?”

Ohmigod, I feel your big hands sliding down my back. “You touching me.”

“And how does that make you feel inside?”

Dizzy, wet, hungry for you to stop whispering in my ear and use those lips to kiss me instead.
She couldn’t believe the desire controlling her body. Maybe this was why her mother had made so many bad mistakes with smooth-talking men. But her instincts told her Zack was so much more than his silver tongue.
Though, she’d definitely take it…

His hands found the curve of her lower back. With a subtle pressure, he moved her hips into his. He didn’t need any words to show her how he was feeling at this moment. His erection was undeniable. His lips nuzzled her neck, and he pressed her against it. “What do you taste?” he murmured.

She inhaled and pulled back just a little bit. “I still taste the mangosteen.”

“I want to taste it, too.”

He moved his lips up her neck, taking his time, pressing his mouth against her throbbing artery. She let the raw emotion of desire sweep over her. Her hand moved up through his hair, hungry for the feel of him.

His lips brushed hers, making her knees actually go weak, but abruptly he pulled away. “Damn. I promised I wouldn’t do this.”

“What? Are you kidding me?” No more teasing. No more games. No more exercises. She’d had enough. “You aren’t taking advantage of me.” Oblivious to where she was and who might be watching, she pulled him to her, anxious to crush his lips with hers in a way she’d never tried before. So, this was what it felt like to let yourself go. Passion. It was turning her core into a roaring fire. She’d always kept this feeling bottled up. Why? It felt so damn good.

After a brief hesitation, his lips pressed down on hers— firm and demanding.

She opened her mouth to let his tongue mix with hers, and moaned as his grinding erection pushed against her.
Holy cow, she’d never been kissed like this before. She could taste his need, and feel his desire for her, and the rawness of both made her long for even more. She deepened the kiss, pulling him closer still, amazed at herself for being the aggressor, enjoying every damn moment of it.

She wanted this kiss to last forever.




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