The Ultimate Beach Movie List Continues – Sofia Grey & Allyson Lindt

Our Ultimate Beach Movie List continues today with Sofia Grey, author of Crash Into Love, and Allyson Lindt, author of Operation: Cupid.

Plus don’t miss Ophelia London’s and Emmy Curtis’s picks or Rachel Bailey’s and Michelle Douglas’s dueling beach movies.

Sofia’s and Allyson’s picks include a blast from the past and a movie which doesn’t take place on the beach but is a must watch summer movie.  First up from Sophia Grey is…

Independence Day

Independence Day

What could be more summery than Independence Day? Watching the delectable duo of Will Smith & Jeff Goldblum as they battle to save the earth is delicious enough, throw in Bill Pullman and his classic rallying speech, and it’s a movie I will never get tired of. It’s fun to seek out the alternatives though, and this has to be the funniest. Independence Day in 2 minutes – recreated by pug puppies. The Jeff Goldblum pug is particularly cute.

And Allyson Lindt’s pick…

One Crazy Summer

One Crazy Summer

Very first one I think of is One Crazy Summer with John Cusak and Demi Moore. But it’s obscure. It’s also so ’80’s high school movie cliche it’s hilarious. Except add in a dose of John Cusak also being a cartoonist, and that a portion of the gags are animated, and all the sudden it’s cliche and unique all at once.

So there are two more summer/beach movies to add to your must watch list before this summer ends!

Crashing into Love
 Sofia Grey’s Crash Into Love, can be found here

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Operation: Cupid

Allyson Lindt’s Operation: Cupid can be found here.

She is on Twitter as @AllysonLindt

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