Dueling Beach Movies – Rachel Bailey & Michelle Douglas

 Summer is in full effect and we are compiling a lit of the Ultimate Beach Movies.  All week long check to see which movies made the cut!

Ophelia London and Emmy Curtis shared their favorite beach movies with us yesterday.  Today we have more fun in store for you!

Welcome to the ultimate movie duel, where Rachel Bailey and Michelle Douglas fight it out over which is the best beach movie. Both Rachel and Michelle have beach-themed books out at the moment, so they’ve put a lot of thought into this issue – but have each come up with different answers: Mamma Mia and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Here, they lay out their arguments for your consideration and would love to hear your vote at the end!

 Mama Mia

Pirates of the Carribean

Michelle: Let’s start with the obvious – Mamma Mia is the best beach film because it’s set on a Greek Island with golden sand and turquoise seas.

Mama Mia

Rachel: Greek Islands are gorgeous, I’ll grant you, but the Pirates movies are set in the Caribbean, with sparkling white sand and palm trees.

Johnny Depp

Michelle: Well, there are songs by ABBA!!! Lots of songs by ABBA. 🙂


Rachel: Yes, but I have pirates!!! Lots of pirates! 🙂


Michelle: BFFs are the best, and not only does Mamma Mia give us Donna’s besties, but Sophie’s besties as well.


Rachel: Besties? Who needs besties when you have Johnny Depp?


Michelle: Mamma Mia has a cougar – an older woman who leaves all the hot hunks in the dust…

uh… sand.


Rachel: Cougars are tame – Pirates has monsters!!


Michelle: Plus there are multiple romances – one for everyone!


Rachel: We have Orlando Bloom. Need I say more?

 Orlando Bloom

Michelle: He’s pretty, yes, but… No beach movie is complete without cocktails and champagne. Drinks with little umbrellas are perfect on the sand.


Rachel: I’ll have to disagree with you there, Michelle. Rum is what you want when lolling on the beach!


Michelle: Okay, my final point will convince everyone – Mamma Mia ends with a wedding. Yay! You have to love a wedding!


Rachel: Well, Pirates ends with sword fight. In fact, most of the Pirate movies are sword fights. You can’t get more romantic than that. (Did I mention Johnny Depp is in the sword fights?)


So, what do you think? Did Michelle or Rachel convince you? Which is the best beach movie, or do you have another suggestion entirely?

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