Lovestruck Blog Takeover, day four with Katee Robert


I ended up doing quite a bit of research during the writing of MEETING HIS MATCH. A lot of that included, shocker!, concerning matchmaking as a general whole. It seems pretty simple in theory. You fill out some paperwork, talk to your matchmaker, go on a date, and BAM. Love.




In reality? Not so much.




For starters, there are a ton of online sites that claim to be just as good as a real life person. Having participated in and eHarmony, I can tell you… Totally not the real thing. They both aim to match you up based on your interests and some magical algorithm, but it’s really a computer taking the information you and some other person put into a form and matching you.




A real matchmaker will take the same information, but they’re going to use instincts and actually talking to you to figure out what you want. The thing is, that sometimes what a person thinks they want and what they actually want are two very different things.




Like I can say that I want a man who’s going to make six figures, love dogs and kids, and always make time for the (future) family to travel, but the matchmaker I’m working with would be like, “Honey, no. None of those things are as important as a man who’s going to take you seriously and love your various personality facets.” Or whatever. You see what I’m saying.




That personal touch is what I was only too happy to bring to MEETING HIS MATCH. The hero, Caine, basically gives his matchmaker a list that any breathing woman would meet, so it’s up to her to figure out exactly what he really needs.




She just didn’t stop to think about the fact that what he needs might actually be her.





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