Lovestruck Blog Takeover, day three with Katee Robert


With the launch of Entangled’s new Lovestruck imprint comes my newest book, MEETING HIS MATCH. I could talk for hours and hours about how great this book is and why you want to read it, even if you don’t know it yet. Instead, I’m going to give you three concrete reasons why you should totally pick this book up.




1)   Caine McNeill. He’s alpha and growly and will pretty much make you want to throw your panties at him within the first third of the book. This is a man who sees what he wants and doesn’t hesitate to go for it—and trample anything in his path to get there. Did I mention that he’s growly? Because he most definitely is.




2)   The dogs. What dogs, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you! In an effort to make Caine more approachable (despite the fact that he maintains he doesn’t want or need a wife), the matchmaker, Addison, goes forth and buys him a mother dog with four pups. Their names? Golum, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Leonardo (yep, as in Golum from Lord of the Rings and the turtles from Ninja Turtles).






3)   The scene where Caine basically lays Addison out on his dining room table and rocks her world like WHOA. It’s this wonderful blend of sexy and sweet that really does well to sum up the entire book.




So that’s it! Those are the top three reasons why you should most definitely check out MEETING HIS MATCH! Did I mention that it’s on sale this week for only $.99? Because it is!





Get Lovestruck today!  Click on the covers for more information. Special introductory price, just 99¢ each for the first week of release!!!


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