What if the world was ending, and you didn’t make it onto a colony ship? by Aubrie Dionne

9781937044022_coverWhat if the world was ending, and you didn’t make it onto a colony ship?

The space pirates in Paradise 21 are the humans who have been left behind. Deemed “unfit” by genetic tests, or too poor to have any connections to make it aboard, they were doomed to scratch out a living in the ruin after wars, radiation, and zombies (which you’ll find out about in the prequel: A Hero Rising) decimated old Earth.

One leader emerged, James Wilfred, and he stole an unfinished colony ship to transport the people left behind on Earth to Alpha Omega, the largest operating space station meant to keep in contact with the colony ships.

Striker, the hero in Paradise 21, is directly related to James Wilfred, and all I can say is that he follows in his father’s footsteps.

Read Paradise 21 to see exactly how…

My question to you is:

What would you do if you didn’t make it onto a colony ship?

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  • I’d scope out the people who seem to be the cleverest, scrappiest, and most likely to survive, and align myself with them. Whether they like it or not. 🙂

  • First i will be Screaming “i will die” later i will try to stay calm and find out a way to survive

  • Probably squeal… and cry. Then see if I knew anyone who was left and stick together.. hopefully more and more will join us. 🙂

  • I would try to remain calm and find other folks that seem most likely not to panic. We would then work together to figure out a survival plan.

  • I think I would freak out at first but then (try to do it quickly) calm down and find people with skills and make a plan to gather things that would help us survive!

  • I would freak out and then find ways to survive or I could learn I have hidden powers and save the world. There is radiation.

  • Stamp my foot had wish them all breathing problems on the ship. Then I’d find a way to find my own ship and beat them to the new destination.

  • First things first, I would search for people who didn’t make it onto a colony ship like me. Together, we would find another ship and if ever we can’t find one, we will do everything in order to survive.

  • I’d probably die, surviving in these things generally involves a lot of running:p maybe try and bunker down in a big food shop.

  • Be somewhat miserable thinking that I lost my chance but then I would do what I could to survive. But also let my remaining days be worth living.

  • After I’m done freaking out, I’d search out others who have been left behind. I’d form a group of people with great survival instincts.

  • Case after the ship and then probably panic. Hopefully I’ll eventually calm down and join the other left behind.

  • I would probably yell at the ship as it flew away, then find other remaining people, rant to them about getting left behind, and then find a way to survive with the other people!!!

  • Freak out at first, then get my @#^& together and join others so we can start over!
    Unfit my @$$!!! 🙂

  • I think I would be dumbfounded at first. Probably just stare up at the ships as they flew away in awe that I was left behind. Then after a little freak out episode, because well, I’m prone to them sometimes! I would attempt to find others who I could stick with and attempt to survive while looking for ways to get off the planet!

  • I would try to find other people who I trusted to survive with. Ideally we would plan to leave once we get our own ship, but we probably would end up staying behind to help other people left on Earth.

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