Cindi Madsen’s Top 10 Shoes Every Girl Should Have

The top 10 shoes every girl should have

1.  The perfect stiletto that’s in your favorite color, shouts for attention and makes you feel like a million bucks when you slide them on. I recommend something around five inches with glitter or studs or both. (And I actually recommend more than one pair, because how can you chose just one? But that’s a different post in and of itself.)

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2. Stylish but comfortable heels you can wear all day at work, but will still catch people’s eyes as you stride to your desk.

3. A pair of ballet flats for when you’ve worn heels three days in a row and your feet can’t take it anymore, but you want to keep it a bit dressy

4. Wedges. Wanna be tall but not worry about a spiked heel? Wedges are the perfect compromise. Plus they look super cute in the summer, whether you’re in jeans, shorts, or a cute summer dress.

5. A pair of kick back comfy shoes like Converse or Keds. Cute but comfy.


6. Dressy flip flops for when you want your feet to breathe and you need to walk a lot, but still want to be on the more dressed up side of things.

7. Flip flops that are well-broken in and make you think of the beach just slipping them on. Once you find them, they’re hard to let go of, no matter how ragged they get.

8. Sexy brown boots for fall

9. Black boots, because everyone needs a pair of perfect black boots, be it dressy stilettos, chunky rocker heels, or biker chic.

10. Sneakers, because sometimes you’ve got to wear them. Might as well buy bright colors to keep it as interesting as possible.


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