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We’re so excited for our new release, Rising Assets! It deals with something we all dread and hate, and yet swoon over… secret crushes. All the angst, all the does-he-know? or should-I-do-something. Yeah, secret crushes can suck. But they can also turn into the greatest happily ever afters.  It got us thinking. Everyone has a secret crush story, and so we are challenging you to share that story. The worse the better, hold no punches… Although it may be tough to beat Colton and Melanie’s story, so good luck!

Share your secret crush story in the comments below! Entries will get 10 extra points in the giveaway below.

In the meantime, we’ve got a story of our own from Rebecca Zanetti. She’s kicking things off with her secret crush story. It’s the story of how she fell in love with her best friend…


So, I was home for the summer before starting law school, and my sister dragged me out one night to party.  I’d just broken up with somebody and may have been a little mopey.  Okay.  Really, really mopey.


We walked into a bar in town and ordered a couple of drinks.  Deb nudged me and pointed toward the bar.  “That’s Tony Zanetti,” she whispered.


I turned and I’m pretty sure my mouth dropped open.  I may have said something not exactly ladylike.  You see, we’d known Tony as kids, and he was a super sweet, slightly pudgy, rather serious kid.


The guy at the bar was six foot five, had long dark hair, a tattoo, and was solid muscle—and incredible light brown eyes and strong facial features.  In addition, he wore a leather jacket, biker boots, and had sat a motorcycle helmet on the bar stool next to him.  So I decided to go up and say hi.  (Okay.  My sister physically kicked me out of the booth with both her feet until it was either fall on the floor or stand up.  At that point, why not say hi?)


I would really like to tell you that I said something smooth, something funny, or something sexy.  Instead, I said, “What the hell happened to you?”   I meant it nice like he grew up nice, but…


Good thing Tony has a sense of humor, because he slowly smiled and bought me a drink.  To this day he gives me a hard time about my opening line.  But during that day, we became friends again.


Yeah.  Friends.


We went to movies, to parties, to the river, to the beach, to dinner, on motorcycle rides…as friends.   I think it’s fair to say I had a crush on him, but I don’t thinks it’s all that accurate to say it was a big secret.  J  We’d both just gotten out of relationships, and we took it a little slow.


Then one day I was sitting on the counter in my kitchen, talking about law school, and he kissed me.  Out of the blue.  And it was a great kiss—one of those where you can’t breathe or think all that well afterward.  So I asked him, “What was that for?”  (Yeah.  Still smooth).


He just smiled that slow smile again and said, “I figured it was time.”


We’re now happily married with two kids, two dogs, and a cat.  And he’s still the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.


There’s something about that first kiss that changes everything.  In Rising Assets, hero Colton Freeze plants one on his best friend, Melanie Jacoby…and suddenly they need to decide whether they want to be friends with benefits or a whole lot more.


I hope you enjoy Rising Assets, and thanks for having me over to play today!



About Rising Assets

Rising Assets by Rebecca Zanetti

Friends with benefits was never the plan…

Melanie Jacobs is in trouble. With three jobs—including running her ranch—and dwindling funds, she’s exhausted. Not to mention desperately trying to hide a secret. Unfortunately, her best friend Colton Freeze knows all too well that’s something is going on, and he won’t give up until he knows exactly what he needs to fix.

Then Colton learns the truth—that Melanie’s future happiness rests in the fickle hands of fate, and her chances for having a family are shrinking with every passing day. Her only comfort is Colton, but when a heated argument between them turns into an even hotter kiss, the boundaries of their friendship are erased, leaving only a scorching-hot hunger for more.

Every kiss—every touch—is a stolen pleasure. But will their new friends-with-sexy-benefits arrangement bring them closer together, or destroy everything they once shared?


Find Out More!


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  • Well, I’m a hopeless romantic and I had crushes after crushes, mostly on classmates 😀 I remember there was a cute blond classmate who was really good at drawing and was really funny.I tried to be smooth and I asked him out, but he laughed in my nose.I know, not the best memory, but it was for the best. 😀

  • I have had lots of crushes throughout my life. One that has stuck with me into adulthood is a guy I went to high school with. He was a senior when I was a freshman. We ended up hanging out some when I was in college, but never amounted to anything serious. Even though I hardly see him now, I still feel that little tingle of a crush when I do. Lol!!

  • I remember in Junior High School, having the biggest crush on my Math teacher, Mr. Ferguson. Lol
    I would purposely get into trouble, so we could have a “one-on-one” in the hall. Too funny.
    He would always come to the football games. I hated football, but I was there, at every one of them trying to sit as close as I could.
    It’s so funny looking back on it now. Young girls have crushes all the time.
    It’s cute and harmless.

  • back in high school I had a best friend who I was always with. We were pretty inseparable and I was usually at her house on the weekends. She had an uncle who was a couple years older than us and I swore I was in love with him lol… she knew how I felt about him and would always tease me and make me be around him even though I was a jumbled mess lol.. that was a fun time, I think she even told him about it because he started to talk to me more and I think he did it because he thought it was ‘cute’.. either way, back then I soaked up the attention and gave in to the whole “ignorance is bliss” because I didn’t really care if he knew or not as long as i got to stare at him 🙂

  • My secret crush was my next door neighbor. He never knew it until after he moved away but I would secretly watch for him and purposely leave for the bus for school at the same time just to see him

  • When I was 14, I had the biggest crush on a friends older brother. He’d come to collect his sister and just grunt as 16 year old boys do and I’d smile shyly and go red with embarrassment.

    Fast forward 5 years and I’m 19, working and not quite the shy girl I once was. I had also spent 2 weeks dating his best friend, which didn’t go particularly well as he kissed like a lizard. So I’m out with friends, just chatting in a group of which he’s part of, I got up to leave and he asked to look at my hand (yeah, still a touch naive at 19). He kissed it. And I freaked out. An hour later, I’m in my bedroom, heard a tapping at the window, peeked out the curtain and he’s underneath throwing pebbles. I didn’t go out to him because I was chicken.

    But the boy persevered, irritated the hell out of my Dad by launching pebbles at my window a little hard when drunk and I eventually caved when he walked me home one night. And the first kiss occurred down the side of his house with his Dad leaning out of the bathroom window asking what the hell he was doing down there. The shame. But it began 2 years of firsts, fun and fight, we broke up and made up several times, but when he went on a lads holiday and confessed to drunken shenanigans with a girl who supported his footbalI team (like that made it OK!) I called time on it all.

    Fast forward again, 16 years and I’m walking through the office last summer and get the shock of my life when I bump into him. He works in the same building as me, on the same floor. Awkward. But there’s no story to be told. I’m happily married to the man I went on a blind date with (that’s a whole different story!), he’s married, my colleagues find it highly amusing, as does my hubby, and we’re civil to one another when we do see each other, which isn’t that often to be honest.

    I got my crush. It wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and I’m of the opinion that it all happened to get me where I am today.

  • My secret crush was a really good friend I had from junior high through high school. Most friends we tend to lose touch with after high school. About 10 years ago this friend of mine showed up at my parents house asking for me. Of course I had long moved out but my mother said he was extremely muscle bound and very handsome. He never came by again *sigh* Just my luck 😉

  • I had a secret crush on a boy when I was in the eighth grade, when had a school dance and we danced I was in seventh heaven. Lol!

  • ok really mine is a star i am so in love with Ian Somerhalder i can watch vampire diary’s over and over again and i am married but he is just so cute that is really the only one i have when i was really young i had others but that is my current one that i think if i ever met him i would faint and i am not a star struck kinda person. lol

  • I get crushes so easily. I had one on a boy when I was a teen. Actually, most girls had a crush on him. He was this silly cutie with an awesome sense of humor. Killer combination. We were at the skating rink and he skated past, saying, “I have a crush on someone.” And just kept going. Everyone froze. You could practically see everyone thinking, is it me?! So me and a friend, the young idiots that we were, chased him down. Well, skated him down. We got close to the wall of the rink and he fell, sliding on his butt across the rink. My friend was laughing, and she yelled, “WHO DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON? WHO DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON?” And, to my complete shock, he looked straight at me and yelled, “YOU, OKAY? I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU!” Nothing came of it, of course, but it was a pretty great moment 😉

  • My secret crush was on a guy I knew just out of high school. He was such a nice guy and would give you the shirt off his back. He was so handsome. Sigh. He never knew I had a crush on him but I’m pretty sure most of my friends also crush on him also.

  • i had a crush on a boy all through middle and high school i never told him but i think he know also i am pretty sure he felt the same way about me but we were both to shy to say anything

  • My last secret crush was my future husband. We both moved into an apt. bldg at the same time. The lived on the first floor with 2 girls that were friends, and I lived on the 3rd floor also with 2 other girls. I would walk up the stairs past his apt. everyday trying to get a look at him (mostly cuz he had the nicest a$$) lol Sometimes we would happen to leave at the same time to walk to the store and I loved following him and wonder if we could bump into each other in an isle or something. One day several months later I was talking to one of his roommates in the stairwell talking about getting together for a beer at our apt. He walked by and the invitation was extended. He called a friend to come over and we were all having a few beers on our deck. His friend was cornering my roommates in the kitchen and he and I were just talking on the deck when it came out that I was single and my roommates each had boyfriends. He had told his friend the other 2 were single so he was delighted he had the single one. haha We really hit it off and the rest is history. =D

  • I met my hubby on a blind date when I was 17 and he was 18. To say he was shy was an understatement….me I’m the total opposite. Well our date consisted of canoeing with his friends. Afterwards, when he brought me home, he told me he had a good time and asked for my number. He then went to give me a small kiss goodnight. I put everything I had into that kiss because I really liked him. Well years later he told me that he really liked it that I attacked him that night! 32 years later we just laugh about it!

  • I had a crush on a boy from a church youth group we were both in. My girlfriend and I would drive by his house hoping to catch a glimpse of him…without him getting a glimpse of us. LOL What makes this story even funnier is that years later, my girlfriend married this guy. We all laugh about it now.

  • I had a secret crush on a boy all throughout middle school and when he finally started talking to me one day in class, I was so excited… the kind of excited that makes you want to write their name on your folder a million times and admire your handy work, yup I did that 🙂 Anyway, we ended up talking more and more during class, but as it turns out he was only using me to get closer to my friend. They both asked me for their help in setting them up and like a good friend I went ahead and did it. They made it all the way through (off and on) to Junior year in high school and then broke up. Later that next year she ended up getting pregnant (not his) and dropping out. Although he was available, I kinda became disinterested in him over the years. Maybe because I had seen them together for so long and he no longer held any appeal for me.

  • I have a secret crush on the gentleman that owns the fresh produce stand about a half mile from my home. I love to get there early and watch him unload the trucks, he’s got great muscles lol. nI find myself visiting almost every other day, usually for bananas (don’t ask). Needless to say, I’ve got bananas coming out of my ears so now I make it into banana bread and banana pudding. And I always manage to take a bite or two to my sexy produce guy.

    ilookfamous at yahoo dot com

  • I had a big crush on one of my bosses at my old Job. My crush turned to hate when I realized he was a big DBag!

  • My secret crush is Ian Somerhalder. He is the main reason why I watch the Vampire Diaries! My hubby knows I think he is cute but he doesn’t know how much I am crushing on that guy lol. I’ve never had a secret crush on anyone other than a book hero or movie star.

  • My crush name is Tim. I saw him a few times on my bus then when I had to go to hydro in the morning I went to the next bus stop knowing that was the one he got on at. I eventually worked up the courage to talk to him, sadly he has a girlfriend

  • This will sound strange and controversial, but I have a crush on Vladimir Putin! It tamed down a bit since he invaded the Ukraine but something about that man I find very sexy!

  • My biggest secret crush growing up was a college professor. He was so cute and a real genius. Plus he had a fine body, lol.
    Now I crush on mostly book boyfriends. 🙂

  • I had a secret crush on a guy in the neighborhood!! As for my NOT so secret crushes include: David Gandy, Nick Bateman, all the sexy guys I pinned on Pinterest of who I dont know the names of!

  • I had a crush on a guy that I worked with for a while. One night he needed a ride home and I had a car. We have been together 19 years now.

  • One night in college, my friends and I went out to a bar on a non weekend night. It was real quiet and we decided to play pool. A guy was sitting on a stool watching us and he was so cute! He was talking with me and touching my back or leg and I was flirting and that is so not like me! I let him walk me home and brought him up to my room and then lost my nerve…I’ve never done a one night stand. I walked him downstairs and he gave me an amazing kiss and told me where he lived, inviting me to a cook out next weekend. I never saw him again.

  • My first ever secret crush was of this blonde and blue eyed boy who was a popular kid in my school. Mind you I was only in 4th grade at the time but still thought he was oh so cute, and so different and nice. He didn’t treat me like a pariah like all the other kids did, and that is what started my crush with him. His name is Ricky Roche and I do not ever think I will forget him. I still have the pictures of him from our class trip to NASA back then. He sat and talked to me the whole trip there and back. He was a remarkable person. I still wonder what ever happened to him in life.
    Well that is the story of my first Secret Crush.

  • my secret crush a guy i went to school with he was really cute.he was always nice to me but he only saw me as a friend.having a friend was better than nothing

  • I had the biggest crush my freshman year of high school. I first saw him in art class, he was playing his guitar and that’s what got my attention. However what really cemented his place in my hall of crushes was one day at lunch I noticed him carrying two lunch trays out to his usual place (that happened to be across from mine, I was NOT stalking him lol) and from behind some bushes came a scrawny stray dog. Now I’m an animal lover and for me nothing beats a guy who cares for them. Anyway, he fed that dog every day for 3 months and then at the end of the year I found out he adopted the dog.

    Never spoke to him though, I was terribly shy and intimidated by him.

  • My secret crush is one of the teacher’s I had as a teenager. He was so knowledgeable about everything. He shared his love of Greece with the students. There was also a time when he stood up to a teacher, who was a bully to the students. He never talked down to us “kids”. He was my crush not because he was super good looking or anything, which he wasn’t bad looking, but because of who he was as a person. He is still my favorite teacher, for all the right reasons 🙂

  • I had a secret crush on my college professor! He was so cute and so nice And he was very supportive of his students. I always wanted to know him as more than a professor….. And now I am married to him. 🙂

  • All my crushes are on celebrities and they aren’t secret…Ian Somerhalder, Robert Pattinson, Theo James, Jesse Eisenberg. Each awesome in their own way.

  • My secret crush was a “bad boy”g in junior high — Tony used to walk into the classroom every day and knock me off my desk (I was always sitting on it — waiting for him) and then go to his seat. He was bigger, very cute and more mature than the other boys our age — his folks were dead and he lived with his aunt and uncle on the same block as my father (my parents were divorced. I moved out of state with my mother before I started high school. When I came back to visit my dad one summer Tony and I got together and we actually had one or two “dates” and even wrote to each other for a short time. Eventually we lost touch.

    Here’s the kicker. I still think of him 35 years later (even though I’m happily married) and got the idea to Google him. He’s a fairly famous sculptor now and when I saw a self-portrait on his website I was completely crushed. He’s fat and bald! So much for the gorgeous guy of my fantasies! :>)

  • i always had a secret crush on someone i went to high school with. even though i see him now i still think of what could have happened if i ever told him how i felt back then

  • The biggest crush that I had was in 9th grade on my English Teacher, Mr. Jones. Talk about eye candy! Besides the fact that he was funny and was everyone’s favorite teacher, he was good looking and I will NEVER forget him!

  • My secret crush was a math teacher in high school. I was never able to take his class though. I was in my Junior year and he was teaching Freshmen and Sophmores and i had already passed those courses. All the girls had a crush because he had just graduated college and wasn’t too far from our age.

  • Wow, I have been married for 39 years so my secret crush is not for someone I actually know. I have been a fan of Twilight forever, I watch all the movies on dvd all the time, my son comes in the house and he says “not again”, lol. my crush is Robert Pattinson.

  • I had a crush on a guy I used to work with. We where friends and I never did anything about it because I was scared that I would ruin our friend ship.

  • I had a crush on a guy I went to high school with. We did get together a while when we were in our mid twenties but it never went any where. I still think about him some even though I haven’t seen him in years.

  • I’m 14 , I’ve had a crush on one of my classmates , for 4 years now

    The story started 4 years ago when we first met , I was the nerd of the class I was shy and didn’t talk much , he was the outgoing one he was loud and energetic , he HAD a crush on me on the first years because I heard his friends talk about how much he loves me blahblah but he was too shy I think , and I had hope I was waiting for him to confess or ask me out , but he never did I couldn’t too because I was scared…
    Now it’s our last year together means next year everyone will go to highschool and we may not be in the same class , at the beginning of the school year he told everyone that he had a crush on a Girl from another school , I knew her because she was my friend..
    I acted through the months and tried to give up because I knew it’s useless to stay in love with him
    But now he isn’t in love with her after 4 months and I kinda find it strange how can he stop loving her so easily , and that’s where I started to get confused he’s looking at me in class these last days and our eyes meet a lot , another one of my close friends (she knew I liked him ) told me she loves him , I told her it’s okay cause I lied and said I already gave up on him , yesterday something happened…
    We had a PE class and we were on our way back to school his friend called me and said ” Sarah look here is your future husband ” he started laughin and my crush tried to shut him up and he was also blushing
    I don’t get it was he lying all this time does he still love me ?

  • mine is still going on. im now 16 n i know him from when i was 12. he is my relative by my sister’s marriage. if said precisely, my sister’s younger brother in law. Have never talked n now dont even have the courage to look him straight. i know im super shy..this is going on till now n i wonder if anything’s gonna happen

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