March Madness Men of Bliss: Round Three (Day One)

Bliss March Madness

Welcome to Round Three of the March Madness Men of Bliss tournament! Only 8 heroes remain and it is up to YOU to ensure your favorites advance to the Final Four!


Today we have 2 very exciting matches for you!


Match #1:





Falling For Her Fiance by Cindi Madsen

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Cindi was kind enough to share with us her recipe for what makes a perfect guy today!


1. A healthy helping of humor – this can be the trickiest ingredient, as humor changes from person to person, and a class clown doesn’t always mean a great love interest. It doesn’t mean he can’t be a great guy either. But if the guy can make you laugh, and put you at ease, it’s always a plus in my book. I’ve always liked funny guys in real life. Even in movies or TV shows, it seems other girls are dreaming about the super buff popular guy, and I’m won over by the funny guy, who often times is also a bit of a nerd. Sometimes these guys sort of morph and you get buff funny guy, a la, Ryan Reynolds—be still my beating heart. In Falling for Her Fiancé, it was important for my hero, Wes, to have a good sense of humor. He can make his best friend Dani (the heroine in the book) laugh and definitely keeps things interesting with challenges like riding a mechanical bull.


2. A whole lotta love for his family – It’s hard not to get your heart a little melted when you see a guy treat his family right. You want a guy who loves his mom, but’s not too much of a mamma’s boy. Wes’s sister is getting married, and even though she’s chosen Wes’s ex-fiancé as a bridesmaid and he doesn’t get how she’s making everything about the wedding a huge deal, he tries to make her happy. While still giving her a bit of a hard time. And when the guy needs a kick in the pants, it’s always nice for the family to be cheering for the relationship to work too.


3. A pinch of nerd – I love guys that have something that’s a little bit nerdy about them. While Wes is an adrenaline junkie helicopter pilot who sometimes plays in a band, he and Dani met over their love of history. They know historical facts about the town they live in and how the country formed. He’s also got a thing for Kelly Clarkson and her music. Not exactly nerdy, but definitely pleasantly surprising.



“Tonight with that whole conversation about how you knew I was the one, and the attentive fiancé bit…” She swallowed, but her heart had lodged in her throat. “You’re a better actor than I expected.”

He put his hands on either side of her on the wall and leaned in. “Actually, I’m not that good of an actor.”

Her pulse hammered in her ears. “So you’re saying we should practice a little more? Maybe, say, start with the kissing part?” She couldn’t believe she’d said it. Every second felt like an endless, terrifying eternity as she waited for him to blow it off as a joke or back away.

But he moved closer, closer…until their lips met, and everything inside her unraveled. He pressed into her, their hips bumping together. Every inch from knee to shoulders connected, all fire. His hands moved to her face, pulling her closer, deepening the kiss.

His weight on her, his tongue in her mouth, exploring hers. She welcomed the burn, the dizziness, craving more and more. Rational thoughts were trying to poke through, telling her this was a bad, bad idea.

“I don’t think—” she started.

“Don’t think.” He moved his mouth to her neck and sucked lightly on it.

If he hadn’t been pinning her to the door, she would’ve fallen to the ground. He ran his hand up her thigh, then pulled it over his leg. He continued to trail kisses up her neck, across to her jaw, back to her mouth. His fingers slid under her skirt, up her hip, hooking the string of her underwear

She gasped, then took over the kissing, biting gently at his bottom lip. He groaned and pushed into her harder. Her heart jolted and desire flooded every inch of her. Yes, there was a whole lot of lust going on, but it was more than that. She was in love with Wes. The thought terrified her a little, but it didn’t keep it from being true. He knew her better than anyone else in the world and still accepted her. He was the guy she could spend hours and hours with and never get sick of.
 He was the one setting her body ablaze in ways she’d never experienced before.
She slid her hands under his shirt, smiling against his lips when she felt his muscles twitch under her touch.

“Dani,” he half whispered, half groaned. Then he yanked her to him and stroked her tongue with his until her knees were weak and she could no longer tell where she ended and he began.



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Getting to Know More About Charlie Johansson

Celebrity you’ve been told you look like: The guy from that show Supernatural. I don’t really see it, but I’ve been told it’s a compliment, so I’m smart enough to smile and say thank you. It might also be because we both drive a black Chevy Impala.


Naughty food you like to indulge in: There’s this great pie place in my hometown. I always like to stop in when I’m at home on leave. Also, I started hanging around this awesome woman named Ellie and she’s addicted to hot fudge sundaes. Since it’s pretty much the hottest thing ever to watch her eat a sundae, I make sure to take her out for ice cream as often as I can.


What you wear to bed: My army ID tags and a smile.


Favorite body part of the opposite sex: I’ve always been a leg man. Ellie’s got amazing legs, being a ballet dancer, so I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Ellie also has long, red hair. It’s so gorgeous, it drives me crazy.


How many people you’ve said “I love you” to: Only two people who aren’t related to me by blood. One is my best buddy, Sam. We’ve been through a lot together in the army. The other person is for me to know and you to find out…


Relationship deal-breaker: I’m very close to my family. If the woman I’m with isn’t cool with that, she can hit the bricks.


Your first kiss – How old were you? Did you instigate it?: I guess I was five or six because we were in kindergarten, under the monkey bars. I’m sure I was the instigator because I have a clear memory of being called to the principal’s office afterwards. My first real kiss with a girl I had a crush on was in fifth grade band class. I played trumpet and she played flute. I think it was something about the way her mouth puckered when she played. I was curious…


Do you have any tattoos or piercings? If so, describe: I have two tattoos. One on my left arm around the bicep and the other is on my chest. Both have to do with things my army unit and I have been through. We got them as a team.


Favorite alcoholic drink: Whatever’s on tap.


Describe your dream girl: *smiles* Honestly, I’d never imagined a “dream girl” before. But the moment I met a certain redheaded ballerina, she started filling my head with things I never knew I wanted in a woman. Ellie is most definitely my dream girl come to life.


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Match #2:





Kissing the Maid of Honor by Robin Bielman


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Luke baseball


Top Ten Things Sela Wants You To Know About Luke:


  1. He’s willing to make a fool of himself to show how much he loves me. 🙂

  2. He’s a really good listener.

  3. He wakes me every morning with kisses and says goodnight with kisses, too, which usually leads to… well you know.

  4. He’s kind, generous, and thoughtful. Smart. Honest. I could go on and on…

  5. His adventurous side stands out and he’s taught me to get out there and live!

  6. He has strong family values.

  7. His favorite food is bacon.

  8. He makes me laugh all the time.

  9. He’s super romantic and leaves little surprises for me. Like a card in my purse, or a note on my pillow. He’ll bring me my favorite lunch at work – and he’ll stick around to share stories with the kids on the pediatric floor of the hospital.

  10. He might come off as a tough guy, but shh, don’t tell him I told you this… on the inside he’s a real softie.


Three River Ranch by Roxanne Snopek


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Roxanne is here to share with us what makes cowboys so great!


Ten Great Things About Cowboys


1) blue jeans. Nothing against a well-polished guy; in fact, it’s a treat to dress up and go to dinner now and then with one. But a nicely-put-together guy in well-worn jeans… mmm


2) they’re outdoorsy-guys. It’s kind of part of the job description.


3) arms. I’m a sucker for nice forearms. (I know, what can I say.) Men who work with their hands have just the right amount of definition in their arms.


4) animal magnetism. Cowboys work with, hello, cows! And horses. And often dogs. Sometimes sheep, llamas, emu… I could go on. Working well with animals requires a higher level of observation and communication than might be needed in other lines of work. Plus, don’t you just melt when you see a guy being gentle with a frightened animal?


5) that fresh-air smell. I know, I know. It’s generally laced with sweat, smoke, horseflesh, leather and probably manure. But it’s my fantasy, I can call it however I like.


6) old-fashioned manners. I can and do open my own doors, pump my own gas, pay my own bills, fight my own battles. But every now and then, especially when I’m feeling down, it feels so good to be treated like a precious, fragile thing. To be… cherished.


7) nostalgia. Our lives these days are so fast, so full of technology. Cowboys, I think, make us hearken back to a slower way of life.


8) good reflexes. They have to think fast, and react swiftly and appropriately. Have you ever watched a cowboy on a horse cut a cow out of a herd? It’s amazing. It’s like a dance.


9) not fussy eaters. Sometimes they spend long hours out on the range. They have to eat what they can, to keep them going. That’s a great thing in a partner. My husband eats pretty much whatever I put in front of him, and while I enjoy cooking, I’m no Julia Child. As long as I don’t use hot chili peppers, his response is always, “Thanks honey, this is great!”


10) Have you ever had a guy tip his hat at you? Okay, it’s old-fashioned, but I dare you not to swoon!


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And that’s a wrap for today! Go forth and vote! We’ll see you back here on Wednesday to see Cole take on Rick and Cane take on Shane!

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