5 Reasons You’ll Love 12th Knight’s Bride


  1. Enemies to lovers.I LOVE a sparring duo who can’t help but fall for one another! In Twelfth Knight’s Bride, Lady Aileana Grant is determined to defy Laird James “The Devil” MacDonald whose people have raided hers for years. She never expects the man who forces a handfast upon her to be so ruggedly handsome, aggravating, and so…protective of her. He’s drawn to her determination and nurture. She’s drawn to his strength and generosity. Though they resist, they begin to see how their clans’ constant skirmishes have affected them both as their attraction turns to affection. But if Jamie doesn’t make Aileana fall for him by Twelfth Night, all might very well be forfeit, and he can’t risk the woman he’s growing to love learning of his scheme. It’s a delicious conflict and everything I love about this popular trope!
  2. Holidays.What’s better than Yuletide traditions, crisp snow, and warm holiday themes of forgiveness and love? Maybe if you combine them with “Enemies to Lovers” and castles? Ha! But seriously, the rich festivals of Christmas make this a wonderful book to snuggle up with beside a crackling fire with a mug of cider or cocoa (or a glass of wine), or to escape into the cold winter if you live in a hot climate. 
  3. Highlander in a kilt.I love a braw warrior wearing tartan and wielding a massive sword, full stop. And the toughest of highlanders who falls hard for his heroine? Who does the personal work necessary to atone for and learn from his mistakes? Catch me while I swoon.
  4. Based loosely on History. I love Scottish history. Studied and traveled in Scotland. But when I learned about the history of Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness while visiting the Highlands, and the tumultuous clan rivalries that once existed, I was off and running writing Twelfth Knight’s Bridethe moment I returned to my bed and breakfast. Learning about the raids that transpired between the clans in my book painted such a strong foundation for an enemies to lovers trope I didn’t have to work hard at writing it, just had to force my fingers to keep up with the pace at which Aileana and Jamie’s story poured out onto my computer screen! (I’ve included a cool author’s note both in the book and on my website explaining in more detail how I was inspired to write this story!)
  5. Like a Hallmark Christmas movie set in 1500s Scotland??I was so surprised when a reader reviewed this book and said those words. But despite clan conflicts, the characters share witty banter, get cozy in the freezing snow, and are super sweet, even if the story has its steamy moments, too. Throw in an adorable wee lassie who steals the show? It’s a feel-good holiday read to add to your list of favorites and revisit time and again, so in a way, it is like my favorite Hallmark movies that I watch every year!

It’s Christmastide, and Lady Aileana Grant is determined to feed her starving clan, even if it means pilfering vegetables. But the stolen produce doesn’t belong to just anybody. Those vegetables belong to Laird James MacDonald, who everyone knows as “the devil.” Now the devil wants his payment—Aileana’s hand in marriage.

The only way James can inherit his fortune is by marrying an enemy bride. Cursed restrictions. But from the moment he faces Aileana, he’s unable to look away from her wild, untamed beauty. He might as well handfast with the infernal lass, get his money, and maybe even broker peace among the clans. Now he has only a fortnight to win the sharp-tongued lady’s heart…

Now the countdown to Twelfth Night is on. Aileana has two weeks to negotiate a severance and put up with the devilish laird in the process. But when payment comes due, will she barter for her freedom…or fall for the devil himself?


E. Elizabeth Watson writes historical romance and lives in West Virginia with her sons, husband, and various pets. With degrees in Archaeology and Anthropology, Elizabeth instead began pursuing a career in fiction writing after earning an Honorable Mention in the 2013 Texas Observer short story completion, and making it to the quarter-finals in the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Elizabeth is a member of RWA and Maryland Romance Writers. Join her newsletter at https://eelizabethwatson.com/contact/. Follow her on Facebook @Author.E.Elizabeth.Watson. Find her on Twitter @AuthorEEWatson

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