1Q Wednesday with Brazen’s Heather Howland

Sep 18, 2013 by

Today we are get a glimpse into the busy life of Brazen Editorial Director Heather Howland.  Enjoy!


Q:  What is the strangest/coolest (former) day job of one of your authors?

A:  One of my authors was a professor at the Naval Academy until very recently when her writing career lit up and she was able to quit her day job. For a girl as obsessed with military non-fiction as I am, I felt giddy chatting with her about the ins and outs of life with all the midshipmen—especially once she was outted as a bestselling romance author.


Now, here’s a question for all of you…  To what bestselling author is Heather referring?



    Laura Kaye and her books are AWESOME!

  2. Laura Kaye! Such exciting news to have her writing full time. 🙂

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