When Honey Got Married Dating Game!

WHGM DatingGame

Think you know the men from Indulgence’s newest anthology, When Honey Got Married? Find out as they join us for a fun night of The Dating Game!

We will be asking Lord Alexander Carradice, Griff Delacroix, Rainer Delacroix, & Beau Vaughn a few questions and it will be your job to pick your favorite bachelor based on their answers! Who will be your dream match stepping out from behind the curtain? Find out during the When Honey Got Married Dating Game on MONDAY, JUNE 3RD AT 9PM EST!

And if that wasn’t enough, one lucky winner will win a “Date Night Kit” including $25 Fundango Gift Card and Spa Set. Total Value = $50

To participate simply visit & attend our Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/456982787728980/ and enjoy a night of questions and answers with our four wonderful eligible bachelors!

And speaking of our bachelors, let’s introduce them to you now:

Bachelor #1

Name: Lord Alexander Carradice


Occupation: World wide marketing director for the Night Circus  franchise. Earl in training. Location:

Born in Derbyshire, been living in Florida for the past 2 years.

Height: 6’1′

Hair: Bond hero blond

Eyes: Hazel

Bachelor #2


Age: 30

Location: Boston via Bellefleur

Occupation:  As oldest son he was born to one day take over the family business – the illustrious Delacroix Developments.  Instead he branched out to start Building Blocks, a construction company that trains those who need assisted housing to assist in building the homes in which they’ll one day live.

Appearance: Thick dark hair that curls over his collar, knee-weakening blue eyes, a smile that’ll make your stomach flip, and well over six feet of solid muscle, natural grace and God-given charm.

Bachelor #3

NAME: Rainer Delacroix

AGE: 36

LOCATION: Rainer is a citizen of the world, but his current employment sees him based in New York City more often than not.

OCCUPATION: Troubleshooter, negotiator. Prior to his current role, Rainer was a Commander in the US Navy, fast-tracked for promotion because of his cool, hard-headed decisiveness under fire. His brilliant naval career took a different tack, however, when he decided to turn his considerable abilities to preventing wars rather than fighting them. He now works for the United Nations.

HEIGHT: Six two.

APPEARANCE: Cool gray eyes, raven hair, tanned skin.

PHYSIQUE: The typical Delacroix male. Lean, lithe and powerful.

Rainer is a Southern gentleman to his bootstraps. He believes in fairness, honour, civility and the dignity of all people. His only enemies are those who would seek to damage others. He enjoys women, but he believes that someday he will find true happiness in the kind of deep and exclusive relationship his parents shared. Rather than a mere playmate, Rainer is searching for a soulmate.

Bachelor #4

Name: Beau Vaughn

Age: 28

Occupation: Owner and chef, Belles Fleurs plantation

Location: Bellefleur, Louisiana

Height: 5’11”

Hair: Dark blond

Eyes: Blue


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