Sneak Peak: Protecting What’s His by Tessa Bailey

Protecting What’s His
by Tessa Bailey

We’re a week away from reading Tessa Bailey’s sizzling debut Brazen novel, Protecting What’s His.  To get you ready, we’re teasing you with some of Tessa’s favorite scenes, and glimpses of her off the charts sexy cover!

Stay tuned in all week for more teasers and to watch the cover unveil itself!



An excerpt from Protecting What’s His

Well, dang. They’d gone and moved in right across the hall from a cop. A hot cop, if you liked the whole uptight, sexually-repressed vibe he had going on. And she’d just called him an asshole. Perfect.

Personally, she didn’t care for the belligerence on his freshly-shaven face or the way he stripped her bare in one sweep of his dark green eyes. Someone should clue him in that a smile never hurt when you were looking at someone like you wanted them for dinner.

Sorry, but I’m not looking to loan you that particular cup of sugar, neighbor.

Ginger put a little steel in her spine, refusing the urge to shield herself from his interested gaze, then frowned, wondering why Officer Needs-a-Nap elicited such an odd reaction from her. She’d never shied away from being checked out before, having accepted at a young age that men liked the look and shape of her face and body. A fat lot of good it had ever done her.

But then his eyes snapped up to hers. And determinately stayed there.


Tessa Bailey

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