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Good things come to those who wait! Stone Cold Revenge, the hotly anticipated follow-up to Jess Macallan’s urban fantasy novel Stone Cold Seduction, is finally here. Catch up with our heroine Elle, daughter of the dangerous Shadow Elf king, as she navigates the perils of love, romance, and her newly manifested powers. Throw in a sexy gargoyle and a phoenix who’s too hot to handle, and you’ll discover a paranormal romance you won’t forget!

Follow Jess on her blog tour for giveaways, interviews, and unique insights into the world of a paranormal writer. You’ve already experienced Seduction…now it’s time for Revenge!


Stone Cold Revenge Blog Tour

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Stone Cold Revenge

Set In Stone, Book Two


Forced by her maniacal father, the king of the shadow elves, to live in his house and train to become his heir, newly minted princess of the paranormal Elleodora Fredricks doesn’t think things could get much more complicated. On the outs with her gargoyle love interest, Jax, and confused about her relationship with her childhood sweetheart, MacLean the phoenix, Elle knows her fate decrees that her powers will manifest themselves in full on her twenty-eighth birthday, which is quickly approaching…

With help from two long-lost family members, some long-forgotten memories, and even her long-gone mother, Elle discovers there’s more to being part shadow elf than she ever knew. But will she be able to harness her unique abilities in time to take revenge on her enemies? For Elle, it’s all in a day’s work…

Title: Stone Cold Revenge (Set in Stone, Book Two)
Author: Jess Macallan
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: 266 pages
Release Date: January 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62266-871-1
Imprint: Entangled Edge


New to the series? Check out Stone Cold Seduction, now with a fresh new look from Entangled Edge!


Stone Cold Seduction

Set In Stone, Book One


When a regular night of Robin Hoodery results in the manifestation of some, um, unusual paranormal abilities, perfume-maker Elleodora Fredricks realizes the normal world she lives in isn’t quite… normal. And neither is she, thanks to her father, king of the shadow elves. Not only is he evil incarnate and the reason Elle moonlights as a burglar – someone has to take care of all his victims – he’s stolen her memories.

And only reading her fate can fix that.

Good thing she’s got a trio of hotties willing to help her find said fate, but only if she gives them something in return. Saving her oracle BFF’s fiancee, falling in love with the gargoyle, and making up for breaking the phoenix’s heart ought to be a piece of cake for the princess of the shadow elves.

If only the king didn’t want his daughter dead…

Title: Stone Cold Seduction (Set in Stone, Book One)
Author: Jess Macallan
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: 254 pages
Release Date: January 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62266-870-0
Imprint: Entangled Edge


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