New Author Liaison Position at Entangled

Entangled has always been committed to remaining one of the most author-friendly publishers in the industry, but as we’ve grown at an extraordinary pace over this past year, we’ve certainly put this goal to the test. With more than one hundred employees (both contracted and salaried) and over two hundred and fifty authors, we quickly discovered that communication would be key to continued growth and success for everyone.

Therefore, we have decided to focus even more closely on that author-publisher relationship by introducing a new staff member to the team who will be dedicated to ensuring author happiness… The Author Liaison. And we’re even more excited to announce Sarah Weiss will be serving in this new position.

Sarah has a strong background dealing directly with authors. In addition to having been the assistant to New York Times bestseller Rachel Caine, Sarah is also a mother of two and an avid book lover (seriously, she is always in demand for more bookshelves, and the ones that she has are constantly threatening to collapse under the weight of all her delicious reads). Sarah has worked at Entangled since this summer as one of our distribution specialists, and her amazing attention to details and responsiveness to issues from authors made her an obvious choice for the position.

As a liaison between author and publisher, Sarah will act as an advocate for all Entangled authors. Communications will remain completely confidential, and Sarah will endeavor to give our authors’ a voice that is both professional and tactful so that the author-publisher relationship remains untainted. Don’t like your cover mock-up but not sure how to ask for another? Sarah can help. See that you have different release dates across several online retailers but don’t know who can fix it? Sarah is your person to call. Wondering if you can sell fifty of your books at that conference you were invited to attend? Yep, Sarah will have answers for you. Not really getting along with your editor or wish you had more frequent updates? Sarah is ready to heed your call.

Our goal is to make sure our authors always have a voice and the lines of communication remain open, responsive, and professional… And Sarah, as Author Liaison, will help ensure this happens.

So if you’re one of our contracted authors*, sit back, relax, and let Sarah take care of any and all of your questions and concerns.

Twitter: @MightyMouse118
Yahoo IM: SarahMarieWeiss



Liz Pelletier, Publisher
Entangled Publishing, LLC



*Sarah will not be responding to questions about submission statuses or queries. Her mandate is only to work with existing authors.

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