Love can be Scandalous

Especially when you’re talking about Entangled Publishing’s new historical romance line.  Read on for the submission guidelines.


SCANDALOUS Submission Guidelines

Scandalous is a historical category romance imprint of Entangled Publishing. We’re looking for stories set between 900 and 1950, anywhere from the lush hills of Ireland, Regency London, Renaissance Italy…or even the Viking age. These stories are bold, sexy, and heartfelt, and can be funny, action-packed, mysterious, or dramatic. They should be between 60-70k words. Stories need a romantic trope and an alpha hero at their core. Some of the voices we like are Sarah MacLean (A Rogue by Any Other Name: The First Rule of Scoundrels); Elizabeth Lowell (Winter Fire); Robyn DeHart (Deliciously Wicked); Julia Quinn (Just Like Heaven); Rachel Van Dyken (Compromising Kessen).


Specifically, we want:

  • Quality, well-researched story-telling
  • Authors who aren’t afraid to push creative boundaries
  • Prolific authors who can write three to four books a year are a plus
  • Time periods: 900–1950
  • Heroines who are age 20+, confident, and can be unconventional (a scientist, for example). If absolutely necessary to story, heroine can be 18-19.
  • Stories that feature an alpha male, whether he be the captain of a ship, royalty, or a warrior
  • Realistic stories—no manipulation of history, or alternate history
  • Although we are not a paranormal line, stories may contain light paranormal elements.
  • Active, dialogue-rich stories, with a minimum of narrative and navel-gazing, but firmly ground the reader in the setting and culture
  • Emotional depth depicted through strong conflict, theme, symbolism, and sub-text
  • Stories focused on the heroine and hero falling in love
  • Sensual stories, but the heat level should grow organically from the characters, their situations and emotions. We are not looking for erotica, but closed door is also fine on occasion.
  • Manuscripts must be 60-70K words in length
  • Revised backlist titles will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • We accept agented and un-agented submissions, although agented submissions will receive first priority in the slush pile


To submit a manuscript for consideration, paste the following into an email:

  • A one-page query letter containing your genre, title, word count, a brief blurb about the book, and any pertinent writing credentials
  • The first three (3) double-spaced chapters
  • Where we can find you on the web (links will do)
  • Established authors are welcome to query with a standard proposal package of three chapters, a synopsis, and a query.


Send your email to scandalous-submissions(at)entangledpublishing(dot)com.


Queries may also be sent directly to the Senior Editors:

  • Alethea Spiridon Hopson – alethea(at)entangledpublishing(dot)com
  • Erin Molta – erin(at)entangledpublishing(dot)com
  • Ruth Homrighaus – ruth(at)entangledpublishing(dot)com


PLEASE NOTE: A rejection from one editor is a rejection from all. Please do not query another editor with the same manuscript unless invited to do so.


If we request your manuscript, please adhere to the following format:

  • RTF or Word files only


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