Behind the Book With Selena Fulton

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The Crystal Slipper

I went to my chapter’s holiday party with a heavy heart in 2010. We had just found out my mom had cancer and were waiting for news on her treatments in January. Not feeling terribly festive, I almost didn’t go to the party.

My gift from the party was a crystal slipper ornament. I drew it from the gift bag and smiled. I said aloud, “This is my next book.”

The following year was a difficult one. We almost lost Mom after her first chemo treatment, but she was a tough one. She attended her grandson’s wedding, and saw her granddaughters become engaged. I spent much time over at my parents’ house, helping my dad, giving him respite from 24/7 care. As the year progressed, I spent more and more time over there.

Mom and I wrote a story together. Actually, she dictated it, and I typed it up. But the best part? I got to know her better. I told her about my thoughts for my fairy tale and she would smile. But I only had about a chapter written. Yet, I knew where it would go.

When Kerri-Leigh Grady visited us in Florida in 2013, I wasn’t going to submit anything. What I wanted to submit to her wasn’t finished. My friend suggested my fairy tale. Kerri-Leigh was awesome, putting my nerves to rest. And just over a year later, my book is being published.

Mom would’ve loved the cover. I hope you love the story.


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