Susan Meier Talks About Alpha Heroes in Beta Stories

I write sexy/sweet/kinda funny stories. My stories aren’t thrillers or even action-packed. They aren’t erotica. So how do I end up with Alpha heroes in sweet stories? And what do I do with them once I get them there? LOL

HeadOverHeelsBoss_500I had this situation with all three Donovan brothers. All three were in the Marines. All three survived their father’s beatings and came out on the other end much smarter, much tougher than the ordinary guy. They’re disciplined and determined, and they pride themselves on knowing what a woman wants and being able to deliver on the promises in their sexy glances.

Fan me now. LOL

But they’ve all three returned to their hometown, a small … well, sort of village … in Pennsylvania. You don’t really need street smarts in that kind of town. And when the full force of any one of their personalities comes out…look out…they are a little too much for a small town to handle.

Finn had an altercation with their dad in public.

Cade had the audacity to pursue the town’s runaway bride…the one woman everybody thought no one could have.

And Devon…Oh, Devon…He has his mom’s new love interest investigated, watches over the family fortune like a hawk, and trips over his tongue when he meets fully grown up, fully hot Isabelle Cooper, town florist, first employee of Donovan Inc.

Finn sort of fits in Harmony Hills because he’s such a charmer he could fit in anywhere. Cade is a rancher. He’d prefer to be by himself all the time…but he finds a way to wiggle a place for himself in a small town. But Devon had planted roots in Pittsburgh. He dates sophisticated women. He likes fine wine. He never wants to fall in love, only have lovers.

It’s the fun of watching Devon acclimate – even as he falls in love – that makes HEAD OVER HEELS FOR THE BOSS the perfect Alpha male in a Beta story. He’s a fish out of water, pretending nothing is wrong, making us laugh when we know he’s about to be hooked. LOL

You’ll laugh a bit in all three books. You’ll love the recurring characters of Barbara Beth Rush and Petie from Petie’s pub. Not to mention the Dinner Bells and Charlene Simmons – town gossip.

So hop on over to Entangled grab all three books, get yourself a glass of lemonade and fall in love not just with my Alpha males and their wonderful heroines, Ellie, Piper and Isabelle, but the tiny, gossipy, heart-tugging town of Harmony Hills.

You will laugh. You will cry. But you’ll come away from the series feeling you’ve found your new favorite town and new favorite heroes.

~Susan Meier

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