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Help us understand your reading and book buying habits, won’t you? Take our survey! And if you have Goodreads friends, please spread the word to them about our survey so we can get a better understanding of how and why people buy books.

We appreciate your help!

Thank you for your time!

~The Entangled Publishing Marketing Staff

6 Replies on Take Our Market Research Survey!

  • Please note that question 2 has a problem – it will not accept the survey as complete unless you check one of the boxes, and will not accept an OTHER

    • *sigh* Hit something on my keyboard that posted it early. To continue: Q2 won’t accept an OTHER answer in the comments box as the sole answer. In my case, I never mark a book to read unless I already have it, so while I checked the price one to get the survey through and accepted, none of the check boxes are relevant.

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