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This is an exciting time for Entangled Publishing.  They’re heading into the deep waters of publishing with a ship that is taking the publishing community by storm (roll thunder, flash lightning), and I’m honored to be part of their maiden voyage.

But who am I?

Good question.  My name is Shea Berkley, and I’m an author.  Yep.  One of those whiskey swilling, chain cigarette smoking, live-on-the-edge-of-sanity writers.  (ahem)  Okay, I lied.  I’m not into substance abuse or mental breakdowns over stubborn plot points.  (ahem)  OKAY, maybe I’m not completely sane, my characters have been known to talk to me once in a while, but seriously, I live a clean existence.

I’ve been writing for longer than I can remember.  English geek here. I didn’t start pursuing a career until about ten years ago.  Before that, I just dipped my toe into the churning waters of literature, splashed a few words on the page and called it a day.  It was therapeutic.  Now I write every day, five hours a day (give or take a few minutes) and have produced a few novels.  I’m a three-time Golden Heart ® finalist, and I teach a few writing workshops a year.  So far, life has been pretty good.

And then my little fallen angels started talking to me.  It was really nice when they were toddlers with fewer words, but they mysteriously grew up and now they demand my attention like never before.  You might ask, what do they want of me?


Can you believe they want me to write for them?  Cheeky little imps.  So awhile back, I sat them down and asked what they wanted.   (I guess I should stipulate here that I have five daughters. Five hyper-emotional, hormonal demons from hell, but I love them anyways.)  My girls wanted books about boys.  (I told you they were hormonal)  They wanted books with a guy’s point of view that expressed why a guy acted the way he acted around a girl.  Me, not being a boy, I found that challenging, but me, having a ton of guy friends growing up, I know how guys think.  (guys are icky)

The weird thing is, I love guys.   Icky just makes them who they are.  I wanted to tell a story about a guy who’d never known a real moment of love, and that when he’s offered real love from a girl he meets in the forest, how it changes him, completely.  Thus Dylan was born.

Dylan’s special.  Different in more ways than he ever realized. He’s cool because he has no ego. He’s hot because he’s a good looking guy without realizing just how good looking he is.  He’s loyal because he knows how it feels to have everyone abandon him.  He’s honest because he’s seen how dishonesty ruins people.  He’s every good thing about a guy, but he’s not perfect.  He gets distracted by Kera, the girl he loves. He gets angry with the people who want to control her, and he leaps before he looks.  But the coolest thing about him is his lineage.  He’s not fully human.  His dad is from another realm where they hate (and I mean hate unto death) humans. Crossing over into that realm to be with the girl he loves is a decision that changes Dylan’s life forever and marks him for death.  Yep.  Dead.  As in not alive.  Forever.  Not even the magic he’s given can change his fate, because once you’re marked, you’re not going to live long enough to see tomorrow.

I can’t wait for everyone to read Dylan’s story.  You’ll fall in love with him, I promise, and you’ll think Kera is the perfect girl to help him discover who he really is.


We’re so excited The Marked Son is part of our launch.  YA books are finding a new audience amongst adults.  Do you love YA, especially upper YA books?  Why? ~EP


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