February Buddy Read: Evergreen by Devin Greenlee

I am so excited to announce our February buddy read, Evergreen by Devin Greenlee! Nature buries secrets—at least until they grow in this m/m coming of age fairy tale retelling from debut author Devin Greenlee.!


A deliciously dreamy urban fairytale about a dryad who risks immortality for love, from debut author Devin Greenlee

All seventeen-year-old Quill wants is a break from the family business. Flowers, plants, the generations-old garden. What he wouldn’t give for a taste of the outside world. Normalcy. But his mom won’t let him out of the house, telling him he’s just not ready…

All because he’s a dryad. Well, not just any dryad, but a male dryad—the first ever. And unlike everyone else in his family, he hasn’t a lick of magic. Just a shock of green hair, matching green eyes, and a growing frustration that there’s an entire world out there waiting to be discovered. Until the night when the outside world—specifically his new neighbor—discovers him. Liam Watson lives in a culture filled with electronics, mobile devices, and social media—where there is no magic or even the belief in it. And as much as Quill finds Liam irritating (he’s so cute it’s annoying), he can’t help himself.

Now Quill’s getting a taste of the outside world and of Liam…and he wants more. But all is not well in this magical, urban garden, and someone—or something—is changing the very essence of it.

And wherever Quill goes, the danger grows…



Devin Greenlee earned his B.A. in English Literature from the University of Colorado. He currently teaches all high school levels, so he’s become fluent in the language of sharp wit. Aspects of his personal and professional life give him a strong perspective of #ownvoices, specifically as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. He is incredibly passionate about including these narratives in his work.


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Evergreen is also available wherever you get your e-books! 



All of the channels for each set of chapters will remain open throughout the course of the month. You’re welcome to read ahead, take it slow, do whatever works best for you!

Week One: Chapter 1 to Chapter 12

Week Two: Chapter 13 to Chapter 24

Week Three: Chapter 25 to Chapter 36

Week Four: Chapter 37 to Chapter 45



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