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It’s New Release Monday!

Check out all of our hot new romance this week at Entangled.



Wagering for Miss Blake by Callie Hutton

Mr. Giles Templeton is handsome, wealthy, and charming.For Miss Suzanna Blake, though, her parents require she marry a titled man. Suzanna turns Giles away, despite the passion sparking between them. At wit’s end, Giles wagers her that not only will she marry him but she’ll fall in love with him. Though her heart yearns for a true love-match, she has never gone against her parent’s wishes. All bets are off when happiness lies in losing a wager.


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Scotland or Bust by Kira Archer

After dumping her boyfriend, Nicole Franklin jumps on a plane and heads to Europe. Sure, money and a job would have been nice to line up first. Even a visa, for that matter. So now she has to play tour guide at an Outlander experience for the most obnoxious man on the planet. Until she stumbles into the wrong bed in the middle of the night and wakes up in Harrison’s arms. Now his family thinks they’re engaged, and the entire village is betting on how long before she runs for the hills

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Dating for Keeps by Coleen Kwan

Lily Baker is trying to get back in the dating game. But then her first night out ends in disaster. Typical. And worse, Caleb Willmett witnessed the whole thing. All Caleb wants is a business partnership with Lily’s father, but the man is impossible to reach. So if Lily can arrange a meeting for him, Caleb will help her find a guy worth dating. But when Lily unexpectedly captures his heart, playing matchmaker gets complicated.


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Her Super-Secret Rebound Boyfriend by Kerri Carpenter

It wasn’t shy librarian Lola McBride’s idea to crash someone else’s high school reunion. Her best friend made her do it, insisting that having fun with a super-hot rebound would make her forget about her breakup. That’s when she meets the hottest guy she’s ever seen. Architect Luke Erickson catches the sexy brunette in a lie, and counters with a proposal. From one reunion to another, Lola and Luke are suddenly spending a lot of time together. Good thing they’re only pretending, or this super-secret relationship could get really complicated.

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