10 Regency Romances To Bring You Back To The Ton!

With Bridgerton’s third season not releasing until later this year, we have a regency shaped hole in our heart that’s desperate to be filled—with lots of regency romances! 

We’re sure you have the same problem, so we’re here to give you some regency romances to help fill the void. Since there’s no such thing as too many, and we have no idea when the release date is, we figure we should help you stock up for the time being.

Earls Rush In by Jennifer Haymore

Haymore does it again with Earls Rush In, which follows the beloved sunshine of the ton, Miss Charlotte Chapman. One problem: she’s trapped in a carriage by an utter madman. That madman, however, does happen to be a tough, reclusive Earl, and the most beloved friend of Charlottes late brother. He’s made a vow to protect her, even if that means rescuing her from a disastrous engagement. That doesn’t always mean he can protect her from himself… especially when their carriage is toppled and they wind up trapped together.

Releasing May 8 through Entangled Scandalous, this book is available for pre-order! Find out more.

How Not To Marry a Duke by Tina Gabrielle

A pet pig? An arrogant ass of an inventor? A… fake engagement plot to save her from marrying a stranger? Adeline Foster has her work cut out for her if she and her faux beau and meant to convince the on and their families that they’re meant to be. They can barely tolerate each other, but the alternative for Adeline is much, much worse.

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Four Weddings and a Duke by Michelle McLean

Lavinia Wynnburn is the least marriageable of her and her sisters, which suits her just fine. She’s free to commit whatever social faux pas she wishes without much notice. That is, until the Duke of Beaubrooke shows up the morning after the ball and asks for her hand. Lavinia isn’t exactly what the Duke expects, however.

Releasing May 23 through Entangled Amara, this book is available for pre-order! Find out more.

The Heiress Swap by Maddison Michaels

This Princess and the Pauper style switch between poor and sensible Evie Jenkins and her American heiress cousin is thrown asunder when the sixth Duke of Hargrave becomes determined to expose her as another American “Dollar Princess” desperate for an English title—by seducing her. But when one kiss becomes a wild, uncontrollable, and incredibly public situation? The Duke must save her reputation with a betrothal—not knowing the secret that could ruin them both.

Releasing June 25 from Entangled: Amara! Find out more.

The Duke’s Secret Cinderella by Eva Devon

When Charlotte Browne tells the Duke of Rockford that she is a lady—when she definitely isn’t—she could positively die from the embarrassment. It’s too late now to admit that she’s just Charlotte—with her cinder-stained hands a wretched stepfather, and no prospects for marriage. That is, except for the Duke of Rockford, who comes to call on a potential bride and finds Lady Charlotte instead. 

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Cinderella and the Duke by Lydia Drake

The Weatherford Ball is the last chance Julia Beaumont has to rid herself of her stepmother, and she’s not picky about her options. But all of her chances are obliterated tanks to an infuriating and rakish duke. Gregory Carter would never dare to risk his cherished bachelorhood by flirting with anyone starved for marriage—until he lays eyes on Julia. One stolen kiss, a run away debutante, and a lost slipper all prove to be more than he bargained for. Because now Julia has proposed to him.

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A Matter of Temptation by Stacy Reid

Mina is desperate. Years ago, she was ruined by one foolish, starry-eyed mistake. Now, she spends her days secreted away in a crumbling family estate, helping her brother manage the land but never having the life she dreamed of. With their financial situation in dire straits, Mina has to procure employment—and the only one willing to accept the scandal of a female secretary is the Earl of Creswick. The Earl, determined to pass a reform bill to help the most vulnerable, isn’t ready for the temptation coming his way.

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The Lord Pretender by Sawyer North

Step 1: Come up with the perfect plan—even though Emma Watts is not the perfect lady. Not since her father joined the Prometheans’ Club and gambled away her prospects. Now, she’s out to get revenge. Step 2: Find your target—Simon, Earl of Blackburn, a prominent member of the Prometheans who’s well aware of just how dangerous a wily woman with an agenda can be. Step 3: Watch your plans go beautifully to pieces—notably during a thunderstorm that causes you to switch bodies.

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Tempting The Vicar by Liana LeFey

After his rakish, wicked twin pulls a foolish prank, Reverend Daniel Wayward switches places with him in order to avoid utter ruin. But temptation takes hold the second he steps into his brothers sinful life in the form of Olivia St. Peters. Olivia is determined to have the son of the duke no matter what her father says about the match. With Daniel resisting her charms, Olivia finds herself even more invested—even if it means Daniel is caught between his vows of faith and sweet temptation.

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Dare to be a Duchess by Sapna Bhog

Lara Ramsey is no stranger to scandal. She’s the orphaned daughter of a British colonel and his beloved Indian wife, and whispers are following her everywhere she goes. Now under the protection of the formidable Duke of Wolverton, Lara has become a distraction—and he’s fairly certain it’s her favourite way to spend her time. When her and her sister are caught at a salacious masquerade, the Duke offers an ultimatum: find a husband within six months or one will be chosen for her. But no one in the ton appeals to her… except maybe the Duke himself.

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