Six 80’s Film Looks We’d Recreate For Anger Bang

When faced with a Bridezilla who wants you to shave your head, heat damage your hair, and wear shoulder pads for an 80’s themed wedding, we have some advice: it’s best to listen. Unless of course you’re the brides sister, in which case maybe the best we can offer is not to get with the groom’s brother! Our protagonist, shy palaeontologist Thea Pope, however, doesn’t heed our advice. Which is what makes ANGER BANG by Avery Flynn so delightfully enjoyable.

Thankfully, we’ve got some time to prepare, because ANGER BANG hits shelves 27 June, 2023. To help you get ready for this reality show wedding, we’ve compiled some outfits we’d don—hair and all—from six 80’s films.

Disclaimer: The contents, views, and themes of the films mentioned below are not endorsed by Entangled Publishing LLC. in any way. Please consume these pieces of media with a critical eye if you choose to do so!

Andie’s Pink Dress in Pretty In Pink (1986)

John Cryer (left) and Molly Ringwald (right) on the set of Pretty in Pink (1986.) Ringwald's characer wears a pink polkadot dress featuring a cold shoulder and a high lace neckline.Molly Ringwald wear’s some pretty iconic outfits throughout her Brat Pack years! This pink dress from Andie in Pretty in Pink is pretty killer—and with some over the top curls, some teasing, and a dramatic amount of hairspray? We think this could be a pretty fabulous look to keep the bride nice and calm.

Sarah’s green dress from the opening of Labyrinth (1986)

Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth (1986) wearing a light green medieval over dress. She wears a flower crown and holds a small book with the words "the labyrinth" written in gold font.

Nothing is more iconic than Sarah’s white dress, of course, but this is a wedding we’re talking about, and it’s a bit too close to a wedding dress. So how could we bring back thoughts of David Bowie in leather pants throwing a baby in a red and white stripped onesie to this wedding? Easy—Sarah’s green dress from the opening sequence! This little moment is brief, but brimming with foreshadowing, and it’s gorgeous to boot! We’ll be dancing the night away, off in our own little world, and pleasantly unaware of what’s happening in the background for as long as possible. Will it cause some problems with the Bride due a startling lack of shoulder pads? Most likely. But we think we can get away with it for the night.

This Entire Situation from Teen Wolf (1985)

Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf (1985) wearing a letterman jacket, sunglasses. He has prosthetics on that give him a "werewolfish" look.

Michael J. Fox may be known more for his time as Marty McFly, but one of our publicity assistants knows him as Scott Howard—a 17 year old high school student who winds up turning into a werewolf. You may recognize this film as the one that inspired the TV show, but it’s fairly iconic in it’s original form too. Will this cause a hairy situation at the wedding? Maybe, but Thea will outshine us pretty quickly anyway.

The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Cher in The Witches of Eastwick (1987.) Pfeiffer wears a black and gold jumpsuit with a black hat. Sarandon dons a gold strapless dress. Cher wears a black keyhole dress.

Either we’re evoking these outfits—right down to that little black hat— or we’re trying desperately to match the volume of Cher’s over the top hair in this film because it’s the perfect volume for our Bridezilla to feel happy with the outcome of this 80’s theme, and we know we’ll look good doing it.

Diane Court’s white dress in Say Anything (1989)

John Cusack (left) and Ione Skye (right) in the film Say Anything (1989.)

Wearing white to a wedding? I know, but stay with me here! This look is absolutely iconic, fits the 80s theme perfectly, and will absolutely drive the bridezilla mad! Honestly, with Thea wrecking havoc, we might not be on her radar very long anyway. At the very least, we’ll probably wind up on TV for the absolute audacity we have.

Any of the iconic outfits from Clue (1985)

from left to write: Eileen Brennan as Mrs. Peacock, Christopher Lloyd as Professor Plum, Tim Curry as Wadsworth, Michael McKean as Mr. Green, Madeline Kahn as Mrs. White, Martin Mull as Colonel Mustard, and Lesley Ann Warren as Miss Scarlet.

Mrs. Peacock’s outfit in this absolutely iconic adaptation of a game night favourite? Now that’s what I would want to show up in. Besides, with a Bridezilla on a rampage and Thea getting her petty revenge, you might want to prepare your magnifying glass incase things go totally and completely sideways—and you should look good doing it! Maybe we can turn this TV reality-show wedding into our murder mystery debut?

Sometimes you just need to bang it out…

Shy paleontologist Thea Pope just wants to get through her sister’s ’80s-themed monstrosity of a TV reality-show wedding so she can get to her summer field work. The only problem? Her sister has turned into the ultimate bridezilla – as in pink parasols, organza hats, forcing people to shave and dye their hair levels of over-the-top, it’s-my-day antics – all while on location in a place literally called hell that reeks of sulfur and lost hopes.

The only thing that can make it worse is when her sister declares that she never even wanted Thea in the wedding at all but that the producers insisted. Ouch doesn’t begin to express how much it hurts that her own sister didn’t even want her to be at her wedding.

There’s only one thing Thea can do after her sister finally pushes her too far – she picks the one man at the wedding her sister cannot stand – the groom’s brother, Kade St. James – and has sex with him.

Is it petty revenge that she’ll be rubbing in her sister’s face from now until eternity? Absolutely. Still, it seems like a great idea at the time, and really what could go wrong?

Pretty much everything it turns out.

When Avery Flynn isn’t writing about alpha heroes and the women who tame them, she is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip. She has three slightly wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband, and has a slight shoe addiction. Find out more about Avery on her website, follow her on Twitter, like her on her Facebook page, or friend her on her Facebook profile. Also, if you figure out how to send Oreos through the internet, she’ll be your best friend for life. Contact her at She’d love to hear from you.

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