Entangled Garden Party with Dani Collins

I’m so ready for Spring!

During the lockdowns, my husband converted our son’s bedroom into a new office for me. Part of that project was cleaning up the balcony off our bedroom, then putting in a door from my office. I call that space my treehouse. 


A black door overlooking a cozy balcony

When Entangled asked me to join their Garden Party, I had grand plans to put some winter pansies and flowering bulbs out there. I even made a special trip to buy some new cushions to cheer things up. 

Of course, the cushions have been sitting in a laundry basket in my office for weeks and the potted hyacinths and daffodils bloomed and withered while I waited for a sunny day. 

We finally got some sunshine today so I managed to sweep and take a couple of photos, but you can see we still have snow on the ground. 

An outdoor chair with a beautiful knit blanket and a tan throw pillow that says "relax"

That’s my vegetable garden down there, by the way. I actually love being out in the garden, but I am very ambitious in spring and very rarely harvest much beyond a handful of strawberries and a tomato or two. I don’t mind. For me, gardening is about the process not the results. 

If I sit in that chair, however, I have a lovely view of the lake and mountains. It’s the same view I have from my desk. It’s pretty wonderful! I often see wildlife while I write—deer, quail, wild bunnies, and occasionally a coyote. 

A beautiful British Columbia skyline, complete with a frozen lake, chill mountains, and beautiful foliage

As you can see, the lake is still frozen and it’s barely above freezing here. Spring is still a long way off for me. (I live in southern British Columbia, about two hours north of Spokane Wash.) 

So I’m dropping in a photo from last summer when the potted plants were blooming. It’s a great place for reading, enjoying a glass of wine, or simply catching a breath of fresh air between chapters. 

A comfortable balcony featuring a chair, a small bench, a potted plant. In the background are trees.I hope you enjoyed this visit to my treehouse. I spent a lot of time out there while writing The Prospector’s Only Prospect, pondering how Virgil and Marigold would find their happily ever after.

They are also subject to the whims of the weather. Virgil has to mine the gold before the snow falls so he needs Marigold to mind his children, even though she’s not the woman he expected when he ordered a bride. Marigold is eager to put down roots and build a life, but they both have trust issues. As they get to know each other, however, love blooms. 

If you’re looking to be swept away to another time, and you love characters who are hurting, yet still have a heart and a sense of humor, give The Prospector’s Only Prospect a try.


Ordering a bride was supposed to be easy…

After eight days in a cramped stagecoach, divorcée Marigold Davis already regrets her decision to come to Denver City to marry. She certainly didn’t realize she’d signed up for mosquitos, mud, and scores of rough men eyeing her like a hot meal on a cold day. But with her life in Kansas all but incinerated, Marigold needs a husband. Even if she’s not the bride that gold prospector Virgil Gardner is expecting…

Virgil Gardner has a reputation as a grumpy hard-ass, and he’s fine with it. He’s also no fool – this is not the woman he agreed to marry. It takes a tough-as-nails woman to survive the harshness of a Rocky Mountain gold claim, and this whiskey-eyed, gentle beauty is certainly not the type. Now it’s just a matter of how quickly she’ll quit, so he can find a wife who will stick. Someone who can care for the only thing he values even more than gold–his children.

But Marigold isn’t about to give in. Cramped in a one room shack. Berry picking turned into a bear escape. Or, cooking for an entire crew of bottomless pits. She’s got more grit than most. And just when Virgil starts to realize his replacement bride might be the treasure he’s been looking for, an unannounced guest arrives… to change everything.

Humor and romance collide in USA Today bestselling author Dani Collins’ all-new western series, starting with a mail order bride’s unexpected arrival in 1859 Colorado.

Award-winning and USA Today Bestselling author Dani Collins thrives on giving readers emotional, compelling, heart-soaring romance with laughter and heat thrown in, just like real life. When she’s not writing—just kidding, she’s always writing. The Prospector’s Only Prospect is Dani’s first Historical Western.

You can follow Dani on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and check out her website to stay up to date on the latest news.

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