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I’m Jennifer Haymore, the author of THE DUKE’S RULES OF ENGAGEMENT (which is on sale for $0.99 right now!), a fun regency historical romance. 

Most of my books are set in England, and all the books I’ve written have taken place far away from home–in fact, I’ve never written a book that’s set where I live (San Diego, California, which is actually a great setting for a book)! 

It’s a good thing I love to travel. I have a travel bucket list a mile deep. There are so many places I want to go, places I want to see. I’ve been fortunate enough to have dipped into that bucket list, and on reflection, the best places I’ve been to have not always been about the places themselves, but also about the (fun, wild, crazy, silly, scary!) experiences I’ve had in those places.

Here are five great places I’ve visited (not my top 5, because I love so many of the places I’ve been for different reasons and could probably do a post with 5 more!): 

(1) Tahiti, French Polynesia. I went to primary school for a time in Tahiti. My family sailed there on a sailboat built by my dad (with no lifeboat and no radar or GPS, but that’s a whole ’nother story!). The adventures I had there were incomparable–most to do with the ocean, ocean animals (swimming with sharks, singing with the dolphins, catching octopus for dinner…), the culture, and navigating a school where they spoke another language. 

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(2) Scotland, UK. I spent a snowy spring week in Scotland with my husband and my boys. We bought a pass from Historic Scotland and spent most of our time exploring castles. I explored on the ground, mostly, but my boys got into the habit of scaling the castle walls. That trip bears the strong memories of me pleading,  “Get down from there!” No answer. “Well, at least don’t go any higher!” They’d go higher. “Just…be careful, please!” Ultimately, we all had a blast.

Photo by Reuben Teo on Unsplash

(3) Ushuaia, Argentina. Ushuaia is called the southernmost city in the world. We were on a cruise, and it was exiting to be fulfilling my bucket list wish of sailing around Cape Horn like the sailors of yore, battling the frigid cold and wild seas. Well, the seas were too wild for our poor, enormous cruise ship, so we didn’t quite make it–we had to stay a little north of the Cape, after being stuck in Ushuaia, where the winds were so strong, you had to push your body hard against it to not be blown over. It was exciting and wonderful! (That trip also included a visit to the Falkland Islands and a few days in Rio de Janeiro, both of which were amazing!)

Photo by Dennis Fidalgo on Unsplash

(4) Utah, USA. I have had the pleasure of crisscrossing the USA a few times, and there are so many interesting and beautiful spots across this vast country. But the Bryce, Zion, and Arches National Parks…wow. Just WOW. I’m still speechless, years later. These are must-see natural wonders, truly.

Photo by Aiden Guinnip on Unsplash

(5) London, UK. I’ve been to London many times, and I can never get enough of it. It’s where most of my books are set, so I go there to immerse myself in history, to walk in the footsteps of not only my characters, but of so many figures of history. Every time I go, I’m inspired, and many of the specific settings in my books correspond to specific places in London and its environs.

Photo by Charles Postiaux on Unsplash

Now, I need to dig into my bucket and pull out the next spot. At the top floats my Nile trip in Egypt, but that one might have to wait.

For now, I can wait and dream…where to next?  


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USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Haymore is the author of over a dozen award-winning historical romances. When she’s not dreaming up scandal in Regency England, you’ll likely find her avidly listening to an audiobook while sailing, walking her spoiled husky, or on an airplane heading off to visit the exciting locale of her next novel. Jennifer loves reading romance and writing happily ever afters, and she’s grateful to all her readers for giving her an opportunity to share her stories with the world.

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