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#ManCrushMonday- 5 Heroes With Accents to Make You Swoon 



Whenever I have a new book come out, the first question people always ask me is, “How did you get past writer’s block?” And the answer for every book is different. Different books require different approaches to mental blocks, and Society Girl, my American Heroine/British Hero romance from Entangled Publishing, was no exception.


Dear reader, while I spent other books breaking my writer’s block with research about the running of flower farms and the daily operations of a tea shop, I am happy to report that the best way to break my writer’s block on Society Girl was by scouring the internet for pictures of the hottest celebs I could find. And, since my hero is a sexy hero with an accent, most of the time I was searching for ones who would tickle my audial fancy as well as my visual one. After all of this tireless “research,” I could think of no better way to celebrate the release of Society Girl, which features a very sexy hero with a very sexy accent, than to share my research with you all. So, here, I present: The Society Girl Compendium of the Five Sexiest Real-Life Heroes with Accents, Plus one Honorable Mention: 


Honorable Mention: 

Taron Egerton

Sure, he stole our collective hearts as the sauve-yet-rugged hero of Kingsmen, but just like Daniel, the hero of Society Girl, who wins our heroine’s heart with his songs, Taron Egerton’s real panty-dropping expertise lies in his singing voice. 


  1. Henry Golding

I mean, look at that gif? Need I say more? As a British-Malaysian, Henry has that smooth-as-Earl-Grey-tea voice that makes all the ladies swoon…And that rockin’ body and killer smile don’t hurt, either! 



  1. Chris Hemsworth

Sure, Chris Hemsworth may not be British, like the hero of Society Girl, but his native Australian accent is just as sexy as the high-born British accent he adopts when he’s playing Thor in the Marvel movies. He could make lightning strike twice in me any day!


  1. Tom Hiddleston

Or maybe the jock type isn’t your thing! That’s okay. The kingdoms of the world have given us more than enough accented hotties, enough to satisfy every taste! If Hemsworth isn’t your type, maybe you’ll fall for Tom Hiddleston, who plays his younger brother Loki in the Marvel films. His famous catchphrase from that particular movie is, “Kneel before me,” and I don’t even think I have to tell you what hearing that sexy voice saying those words does to me!


  1. Henry Cavill

Most of his famous roles, like Superman or Napoleon Solo from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. have him sporting an (admittedly sexy) American accent, but Henry Cavill first hit the world’s stage in a big way with The Tudors, where his full British-ness was on full display. Whether clean-shaven or scruffy, British or American, Henry Cavill totally deserves a place on this list. He was also the inspiration behind Thomas, our heroine’s older brother in Society Girl, and his love story might be coming soon…!


  1. Idris Elba

You had to know Idris was going to take this top spot! Though he won’t be taking over the mantle of James Bond, Idris has made a career of kicking ass, taking names, and dropping panties wherever he goes. He may not be real royalty, but he is, undoubtedly, the King of the #BritishHunks. May he reign forever more. 


If you love these hunky British heroes as much as I do, then why don’t you check out my new dark romance, Society Girl? It’s the perfect romance for anyone looking for an angel-voiced hero with the body of the devil, or any cynic who wants to believe in love every time they open a book! 


Check out Alys’s new release Society Girl, out now!


Sam Dubarry is a cynic. Growing up in the foster system in NYC does that to you. And falling in love is by far the stupidest thing you could do in her opinion.

But there’s one thing she craves more than anything—family. The illegitimate American daughter of an English Lord, Sam is desperate to make her father take notice of her. Which is where the Animos Society comes in.

The exclusive Oxford University club is her family’s legacy—and full of the worst kind of rich men. But becoming the first female member will take everything she has. Maybe more.

Daniel Best is the one man who truly sees Sam. The real her. The new mechanic for her father, Daniel is everything the Animos’ aren’t. Kind, honorable, good. But then the worst thing she can imagine happens…

The Society will let her in, if she destroys the one person she might be falling in love with first.





Alys Murray is an author and screenwriter who writes for the romantic in all of us. She enjoys kissing books, Star Wars, and traveling. Tobey Maguire is her Spider-Man. Connect with her on instagram and twitter, where she goes by @writeralys.

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