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Excitement struck our household when we told our two tween daughters we had booked a trip to Turks and Caicos this past fall. Our girls had never traveled outside the U.S. and the Caribbean was a dream vacation.

We left the Philadelphia airport on a chilly fall day and couldn’t wait for the warmth of the island. The flight was nonstop and the travel was smooth. It was almost perfect, until we landed and the kids luggage came off the belt, but not ours. We waited and waited…and nothing. My stomach tightened in an all-too-familiar dread.

The airline had lost my luggage once before, but on the flight home, never the flight arriving at my destination. Worse, the girls each had their own small luggage, but John and I packed together in one big luggage. Ugh.

I maintained a smile. Airlines lose luggage more frequently than we’d like to think, but they can locate the luggage and deliver it to the resort. Meanwhile, we always pack our carry-ons with at least one change of clothes, a toothbrush and some travel sized cosmetics that can get us past TSA.

We arrived at our resort, a beautiful Beaches hotel on Turks on Caicos. If anyone has been there, they know the ocean is turquoise blue, the sand is white and fine, and the resort is all-inclusive. Heaven!


Here I am the day we arrived. I couldn’t wait to put my feet in the water.


The sunsets were beautiful!


You can survive in a bathing suit and beach coverup for a while. Thank goodness, I packed a couple of my own bathing suits in my youngest’s luggage. But by day three and no luggage, we ran out of clothes from our carry-ons. This is when a bit of panic set in. We needed everything from underwear to clothes. One pair of flip flops can only get you so far.

When you are trapped on an island resort, your options are limited. The gift shop is super expensive. Try finding a bathing suit that fits! They are mostly $250 bikinis. No, thanks! They sell beach coverups that are also expensive, but they don’t sell underwear. Leaving the resort to go shopping may not be the safest for tourists. Plus, who wants to spend an entire day out of your five-day vacation shopping for clothes? I’d rather be on the beach with a pina colada.


A specialty island drink called Island Goddess.


Finally, at the evening of day three (out of five), our luggage showed up in our hotel. I almost wept with relief.


We had our luggage by now and we are happy!


My travel tip: When traveling to a beach vacation, pack your bathing suits and cover ups in your carryon. You can survive on an island for a few days. Then you can be worry free. Mostly…

Safe travels!

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Tina Gabrielle



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Tina Gabrielle, an Amazon best-selling author, is an attorney and former mechanical engineer whose love of reading for pleasure helped her get through years of academia. She’s the author of adventurous Regency romances In The Barrister’s Bed, In The Barrister’s Chambers, Lady Of Scandal, and A Perfect Scandal from Kensington Books. “”A Spy Unmasked”” is the first book in her new Regency romance series, “”In The Crown’s Secret Service,”” from Entangled Publishing. “”At The Spy’s Pleasure”” will be available in May 2015. Tina’s books have been Barnes & Noble top picks, and her first book, Lady Of Scandal, was nominated as best first historical by RomanticTimes Book Reviews.

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